Bush Elementary School’s Youngest Students Benefit From Improved Classrooms

Bush Elementary School UPK students, Naomi Hogg, Leonardo Rodriguez and Liam Brunco, play instruments in their new music station thanks to their classroom, which increased in size due to a capital projects improvement.

As part of the recent capital improvements at Bush Elementary School, two classrooms, one UPK and one kindergarten, have been expanded to give more space to provide learning opportunities for students. The district used three smaller rooms to create the two larger classrooms.

Bush Elementary School UPK teacher Terry Smith’s and kindergarten teacher, Vicky Connor’s rooms were increased in size to give the teachers more room to provide additional hands-on activities, and also, to increase the amount of stations in the classroom.

“I was able to add more centers to engage the students, like a music center, that I just did not have room for in my old classroom,” said Mrs. Smith. “I have also been able to add a mini trampoline for gross motor skills, a more extensive library and a quiet area where I can work one-on-one with kids. I have also seen a decrease in behavioral concerns in my students because they just have more space to spread out and work. With my young kids, this expansion in space has been really beneficial.”