JHS Senior’s Natural Interests Lead Him Toward Technology

Zach Scheiger

Jamestown High School senior, Zach Schweiger, knew even as a young kid that his interests would lead him to his life’s work.

“I’ve just always had a natural interest in the areas of electricity and engineering, “ Zach said. “I also have always liked computers and networking so even though I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to do I know it’s going to be in those areas.”

Zach has taken all his electives at Jamestown High School in his passion areas including: Robotics, Basic Electricity, Industrial Machinery and is currently taking Principles of Engineering, which is a hands-on, laboratory-based course introducing students to concepts of engineering.

“It’s great to have all these courses to try out my different interests,” Zach said. “I get to see while I’m still in high school if I like something or not. I really liked Robotics and Basic Electricity and realize that those are areas I could go into for a career. Robotics incorporated a lot of the programming aspects that I love and Basic Electricity had the diagnostic and just putting stuff together that I love to do.”

Zach has also explored potential careers by visiting his dad at the BPU where he met an electrical engineer. He realized that career path was not for him but he also met a system/network administrator and that sparked an interest in that field.

“I am currently taking the JCC College-Level Information Technology course in order to get college credit while also trying out this area while I’m still at JHS,” Zach said. As I’m also thinking of going to Jamestown Community College next year, I hope by taking this course I have a head start at JCC and maybe even it will be a potential major like Information Technology.”

Zach also attended Fletcher Elementary School and Jefferson Middle School.

Zach’s childhood interests are reaping rewards for him now by helping him follow his passions to turn them into a potential life’s work.