Bush Elementary First-Grader Spreads Joy With Jamestown Rocks

Madelyn Wilkins

Bush Elementary School first grader, Madelyn Wilkins, is spreading happiness around her school and community with her hand-painted rocks. Madelyn’s mom found out about “JamestownNYRocks” through a friend and thought it would be a great project for she and Madelyn. The group’s goal in painting and hiding the rocks is to bring smiles to our area in a fun and positive way. They treat the rocks as “random acts of kindness.” Madelyn and her mom started painting rocks after school and on the weekends and have painted over 300 rocks that they have placed in the community.

“It just makes me feel happy to do it, and I’m doing it just to make people happy,” Madelyn said. “It shows people that there is good people in the world.”

Madelyn and her mom call themselves “craft girls” and Madelyn finds things that she and her mom can paint on the rocks from Pinterest.

“I really like painting flowers on the rocks and it’s fun to find the different rocks to paint on,” Madelyn said. “Sometimes we write on the back of the rock something happy or put a sticker on it.”

Madelyn and her mom hide the rocks in and around the school and also in parks so that people can find them.

“My best friend found one and she didn’t know it was me that left it,” Madelyn said. “It’s supposed to be a secret and no one knows it’s my mom and I leaving them around. You just do it to make someone feel good.”

Bush School has a pledge, “Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Peaceful.”

“I think that doing something good and making other people happy, that’s what the pledge also means and I think everyone should do something like hiding painted rocks to make other people feel good with a surprise,” Madelyn said.

We think Madelyn, and all of the “JamestownNYRocks” participants are wonderful for spreading love around our community. If you want more information or to join the movement, check out their Facebook page at “JamestownNYRocks”