They’ve Got Talent

Bush School Students Show Off Their Varied Talents

Thirty students showcased their amazing talents in the 13th Annual Bush Elementary School Talent Show.

Singers, dancers, violin-players, math whizzes, ukulele-players, pianists and comedians were just some of the talents that Bush Elementary School third- and fourth-grade students showcased during their 13th Annual Talent Show. The show, created and directed by teacher Nichole Mason, was a way for students to display their special talents to friends and families.

“There are always so many different talents showcased,” said Mrs. Mason. “It is such a great way to build student confidence and show-off something they are good at other than academics. The kids love it because they get to see their friends on stage doing something unique. The Talent Show is not judged. Students are just asked to do their best and perform their talents. Everyone is a winner who participates.”

Thirty students contributed to the Talent Show, all of them attending nine hours of practice. Once a student agreed to be in the show, they cannot quit or miss practice and they must display respectfulness when others are practicing, teaching students a lot of patience.

“I thought it would be fun to do the Talent Show,” said Bush Elementary School fourth-grader Kaylee Keppel who sang Country Roads. “I really love to sing but I sometimes have stage fright and doing something like this is really good to learn to not be afraid in front of big crowds. I am having a dance recital soon and this was really good practice for the recital. Performing also lets you express your feelings.”

Students recognize the benefit of their school having a talent show.

“”I love playing the violin and I think having a talent show is great because it might inspire a kid to try something new,” said Bush Elementary School fourth grader, Brighton Lumia who played the violin during the show. “Even though you have to practice a lot, it’s worth it to become good at something.”