Southwestern Holds Third Annual Trojan Triathlon

First of all, I love alliteration, so the Trojan Triathlon was a no brainer. Seeing this event grow in the three-year time frame from our Frist Annual Trojan Tri in 2015 to now, makes me even more proud to be a Trojan. Initially, we (The High School PE Department) started the event as an introduction to show students can maintain physical fitness and continue goal-setting once they leave high school. Over the past three years, this event has come to mean so much more. Our students get so into this event; they dress up in costumes, they cheer each other on and most importantly, they have fun.

Our students are capable of so much more than they think. By competing in a Triathlon, even of the shortened, sprint variety, they are given an opportunity to challenge themselves physically and mentally. Also, there’s the social aspect; we have more than 200 participants from our high school student body. The students start forming their teams as early as September each year. Teachers and staff volunteer to work at water stations and direct traffic, they support the students and cheer them on along the route. Funds raised by this event are donated to the Southwestern Education Foundation. It’s just all around another fantastic way the SW school community comes together and celebrates student achievement.

This year, for the first time ever, we had two sibling teams competing together. Team Kranzo consisted of Lotte Kranzo (ninth grade), Katya Kranzo (11th grade) and Tjitze Kranzo (12th grade) and Team Lillie consisted of Hannah (10th Grade), Grace (10th Grade) and Chad (12th grade).

The Triathlon Events:

Swim: 150 meters

Run: 1.25 mi

Bike: 1 mi

Prizes awarded in the following categories:

Individual Winner (Completed all three legs of the race individually): Clayton Hanson (12 grade) — 15:08

9-10 Grade Team Winner: Bryce Deering, Cameron Turner, Eston Shedd — 13:05

11-12 Grade Team Winner: Tjitze Kranzo, Katja Kranzo, Lotte Kranzo — 14:01

Best Costume: Chris Johnson & Glenn Janowsky

Trojan Tri Spirit Award (given to the triathlete that goes above and beyond what is expected of him/her before, during and/or after the race): Audrey Ducat (ninth grade) and Thomas Wydner (12th grade)