Bush Elementary School Paraprofessionals Support Teachers, School

Bush Elementary School paraprofessional Lorri Papaserge works with third-grader Josiah Senear on two-step math word problems that involved two different operations during a small group session.

Bush Elementary School has seven paraprofessionals in its building: Anna Berry, Sharon Casselman, Elizabeth Wilfong, Sally Teater, Denise Pavlock, Tracy Salemme and Lorri Papaserge, whose goal is to support student’s education.

Every paraprofessional is assigned work in the classroom at different grade levels or in the library. Paraprofessionals support teachers by working with students in small groups on very specific English Language arts and math skills. The paraprofessionals follow the teacher’s direction in terms of the academic help including adhering to the common core standards. They provide valuable extra time with students that could include extra help in academics such as vocabulary or multiplication. It also gives teachers more time to work with other students in the classroom.

Bush School paraprofessionals support students to become better not only academically, but also socially. Paraprofessionals become another positive role model in the school. They are always ready with a kind word or to listen to a student’s problem and try to help. Paraprofessionals greet students as they enter the school in the morning to start the school day off on a positive note. They also work in the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch to ensure that mealtimes go smoothly.

Mrs. Pavlock and Mrs. Wilfong also run a morning program where they work on arts and crafts with the students. The hands-on activities before school assists in relationship building across the grades and gives the students something fun to do while waiting for the school day to begin.

“We are lucky to have such dedicated paraprofessionals at Bush School,” said Bush Elementary School Principal Daniel Bracey. “They give teachers an extra hand to teach valuable skills, both academically and socially, to our students. We appreciate all the hard work that they do at Bush School.”