Bus Proposition Maintains A Top-Notch Fleet

Jefferson Middle School students exit the bus to go to school in the morning.

Although Jamestown Public Schools is considered a “walking school district,” the district transports more than 700 students each day. The district is required by education law to transport special needs students, students who live outside of the city boundaries, and students who must cross through designated safety zones. In addition, we transport all of our Prekindergarten students to increase attendance at this critical age.

District residents can vote on a proposition on Tuesday, May 16 to purchase six school buses at the cost not to exceed $780,000 through a five-year lease. New York State will reimburse up to 90 percent of the lease costs through Transportation Aid. Just like your personal car, once the maintenance costs become too prohibitive, school buses need to be replaced to ensure reliability and student safety. If voters approve the proposition, the school buses that the district will replace are up to 10 years old and some have mileage in excess of 100,000 miles. The bus fleet is well maintained as mechanics perform preventive maintenance inspections every six weeks. In addition, the Department of Transportation conducts bus inspections every six months. JPS bus mechanics have maintained a 96 percent Department of Transportation passing rate through regular inspection and maintenance, as well as fleet replacement with new buses that JPS voters have approved in previous budget votes.

Despite all of our efforts, school buses need to be replaced on a regular basis due to harsh winters, corrosive chemicals such as road salt and high mileage. To maximize the value to the community that we serve, the new buses will be specified with Cummins engines, 10-year corrosion warranty, 10-year engine and transmission warranty and four camera video and audio surveillance systems.

By replacing six buses in the 2017-18 budget, JPS voters will continue to provide top quality transportation for its students with the maximum level of safety.