Love Art Students Find Out ‘What Lifts Them Up’

Love Elementary School fourth grader, Alberto Serrano, stepped into Love School’s art project, “What Lifts You Up.” The huge angel wings are made up of hundreds of feathers created by Love art students. The project was inspired by artist Kelsey Montague.
Love Elementary School art student, Gabrail Zerby, worked on his “wing,” which became part of a schoolwide art project called “What Lifts You Up.”

Love Elementary School artists are being inspired to create happiness through art and words by telling the world what lifts them up. Art teacher Marygrace Anderson was inspired by pen and ink artist, Kelsey Montague, who started the “What Lifts You Up Campaign” to provide people with the opportunity to share more about what inspires them in their life. Ms. Montague draws intricate angel wings on building walls that people can “step into,” take a photo and tell what lifts them up on-line. She has created these amazing angel wings in Australia and New York City and will be drawing in other cities in the future.

In honor of the campaign, every Love School student is creating their own “feather” with patterns and colors in art class and helping to cut out the different parts of the “wings.” Each feather will be stitched together to create huge angel wings at the school. Student will also write a reflection piece on what lifts them up, which can be about a family member, a pet, or something that just makes them happy. Mrs. Anderson will take a photo of each student with the angel wings and put it together with their story.

“I thought this would be such a great idea for Love students to create as a group,” said Mrs. Anderson. “My purpose behind the project is with all the negativity going around right now, I wanted students to focus on the positive in their lives. I’m so surprised how introspective the students are in their writing pieces. Children learn from adults, and if we show happiness and positivity, they will too. It is our job to make children happy and I just wanted each of them reflect on the happiness in their lives and use creativity to do so.”