Love 3-Year-Olds Benefit From Early Learning

Ashley Simon from Clearwater Aquarium and Pet Supply showed Love Elementary School 3-year-old UPK students different animals during a recent field trip to highlight their “pet” unit.

Love Elementary School 3-year-old students, who are in Becky Teresi’s 3-year-old Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) Program, recently learned more about animals with a visit to Clearwater Aquarium and Pet Supply store. The students, who are completing a “pet” unit, were given the opportunity to pet hamsters, gerbils and bunnies. They had opportunity to see animals they are learning about firsthand in the classroom. The field trip is just one of the many activities included as part of the 3-year-old UPK Program at Love School, which is new to the school this year.

The program is available due to the “Expanded UPK for 3 and 4 Year Olds” Grant that Jamestown Public Schools received last year. Over 110 three-year-olds are enrolled in the program at Love and Fletcher Schools, YMCA, Heritage House, A Children’s Place, YWCA and Holy Family.

Mrs. Teresi’s students meet Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The goal of the program is consistent with the 4-year-old program, helping students learn to socialize in a school setting to better prepare them for the 4-year-old UPK program and kindergarten. The program also gives them an opportunity to participate in developmentally appropriate learning activities revolving around language skills, following the NYS Early Learning Guidelines.

“The three-year-old program is a great way to provide early intervention for our youngest learners,” said Mrs. Teresi. “We can help students with any concerns we might see right away, which will help them as they move forward in their education. I am very pleased with how the program is going this year.”

In Mrs. Teresi’s class, student activities revolve around different themes such as: senses, the four seasons, fire safety, home and family, store, restaurant and ocean. In addition to classroom work, Mrs. Teresi takes students to various “real-life” places where they can see firsthand what they are learning in the classroom. She walks students to Liscandro’s Restaurant for lunch, visits the Jamestown Fire Station, demonstrates how the mail works at the Jamestown Post Office, visits Dow Park, introduces them to the Prendergast Library and takes a field trip to the Jamestown Audubon Nature Center to name just a few fun activities. These visits open up students to a world that many may not otherwise have an opportunity to see.

Love Elementary School 3-year-old UPK student, Adriel Warden, created a snowman in class with the help of his mom, Marlyn Warden, and his grandmother Dalcia Pina de Melo.

Mrs. Teresi also encourages parents and families to visit the classroom and offers many activities to get parents involved in their child’s education right at the start like classroom projects and chaperoning field trips.