Little Theatre To Stage ‘Saving Grace’ Beginning This Weekend

Cast members of the Lucille Ball Little Theatre’s upcoming production of “Saving Grace” are pictured in their respective roles. From left are: John Pickett as Walter Chepple; Kaitlin Ames as Harriett Larkin; Jonathan Young as Gregor Vanitsky; Carl Liuzzo as Alex Docker; and Paige Cummings as Grace Larkin. Submitted photo

Fast-paced dialogue, wry humor and the acting abilities of five community members are ready to take center stage at the Lucille Ball Little Theatre this week, when the Jamestown theater company debuts its production of “Saving Grace.”

A 1976 Jack Sharkey-penned play, “Saving Grace” tells the tale of a warmhearted girl, Grace Larkin, who mistakes a telephone repairman for a burglar. As she tries to convert him from his life of crime, she ends up having to pretend he’s her husband, dismaying her strait-laced sister, Harriett, and her evangelist fiance.

“This is a great show, and it’s a lot of fun,” said Anne Eklund, artistic director. “We’ve been rehearsing about six weeks, and everybody has done a great job. We’ll be ready for opening night.”

The cast is comprised of: Paige Cummings as Grace Larkin, a secretary; John Pickett as Walter Chepple, Grace’s boss; Carl Liuzzo as Alex Docker, a telephone repairman; Kaitlin Ames as Harriett Larkin, Grace’s sister; and Jonathan Young as Gregor Vanitsky, Harriett’s fiance. Eklund praised the cast for their ability to memorize and deliver approximately 90 pages of script between only five characters.

“The play is probably about average in terms of dialogue, but usually it would be spread around among more characters,” she said. “It’s also tricky because if you have only two characters it’s easier to track what’s coming next; but with five characters, if one of them misses, it can easily trip the whole thing up. Luckily, the cast is doing a great job of remembering their lines and keeping the flow of the dialogue going strong.”

The production will hold its opening night performance Friday at 7:30 p.m., with other 7:30 p.m. performances being held on Saturday; Friday, Feb.3; and Saturday, Feb. 4. A 2 p.m. matinee will be held Sunday, Feb. 5.

Tickets can be purchased in advance of each performance at $20 each by calling the Little Theatre box office at 483-1095 or visiting For more information, visit