Write Now: Treasuring Musical Moments During Pandemic

Because of the pandemic, you could say that she is joining the family business.

Madeline Rasmusson performs with her grandfather Ralph “Razz” Rasmusson on Monday nights at The Chop House on Main.

She treasures the moments.

“It’s a really unique experience getting to perform alongside my grandpa,” she said. “I grew up watching him perform and hearing stories about past performances and I never thought I would get the chance to be part of it. It’s definitely something that not a lot of grandfathers and granddaughters get to do together, so it’s a fun way to spend time doing what we both love to do.”

Madeline plays piano, but is mainly a singer. She graduated from Liberty University with a bachelor’s in musical theater.

“Musical theater is pure magic and joy,” Madeline said. “The genre of music that has influenced me the most throughout my whole life is musical theater.”

She since was very young, she said, she has been enamored with musicals and the stories told through them. “I grew up listening to ‘Annie,’ ‘Wizard of Oz,’ ‘Wicked,’ and ‘Phantom of the Opera.'”

Her favorite genre of music to perform is R&B. “As my voice has matured, I’ve discovered that I have a soulful, rich side to my voice that I absolutely love exploring. It’s a sound that I didn’t have when I started college so it’s pretty new to me. Much like musical theatre, I love the emotion that comes with singing R&B,” she added.

And the entertainment industry has been virtually on hiatus since mid March 2020. Slowly, entertainment venues and restaurants are opening again, so people can dine out and enjoy a show or a concert.

In November 2020, The Chop House on Main began Jazz on Mondays. Owner Amber Carlson noted patrons can expect the same upscale dining experience they always have, but since last November, there has been live music to enjoy.

While patrons dine, Carlson said, they can enjoy Jazz music by Razz and Friends in the background. Carlson said the music will be performed from approximately 5:30 p.m. to about 8 p.m.

Ralph Rasmusson, better known as “Razz” has been a music educator, band leader, and is a Jazz music afficionado. Ask him about Jazz music and he will give you insight, history, and advice about playing the genre. He loves Jazz.

When talking with him, you will learn about music not because he is trying to educate you about music, but rather he can connect music in some way to your life.

“Jazz night has been doing well,” said Carlson. According to the restaurant’s website chophouseonmain.com, “We have taken the necessary steps to make sure our guests are kept safe with everything going on. Masks are required until seated and all tables are spaced at least six feet apart.”

The Chop House On Main is located at 2-6 E. Second St., Jamestown. For more information call 708-6978 or also visit facebook.com/ChophouseonMain.

“If it weren’t for the pandemic, I probably would have never gotten the chance to sing with my grandpa, as strange as that sounds,” Madeline Rasmusson said. “I graduated college with a musical theatre degree in May of 2020, but my whole industry was shut down, so any potential job offer I could have had was not going to happen. So I moved back home and didn’t do any sort of performing for months. In the fall, when my grandpa asked me to sing with his band I jumped at the opportunity. It was the first gig he had been able to book in months and it was so sweet that he wanted me to join in too,” she added.


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