Get Some Friends Together And Try Dressing As A Band For Halloween


The word conjures up many thoughts and situations. While some people may think of ghosts and goblins others may think of candy and costumes.

The pandemic may make it difficult to experience trick-or-treating this year, but one can still get into the spirit (pun intended).

If you know you are not getting any candy, you can still wear a costume. Usually costume themes are something Hollywood has made popular like superheroes and villains, cartoon movie characters, movie characters that have received cult status, and movie monsters — Dracula, Wolfman, zombies — you get the picture (again pun intended). Standby costume themes include sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer. I don’t think too many people dress as curling team members. I could be wrong.

But what if costumes were given a music theme? There would be some obvious choices and some not-so-obvious choices.

Here are my choices for music-themed Halloween costumes:


This band dresses in what has been labeled as grotesque barbaric interplanetary warriors. The shock rock heavy metal band has a loyal cult following. I’m sure if you and your friends dressed as this band, you will be sure to scare someone.


This band has iconic makeup and suits. Get three of your friends and dress as Gene Simmons’ character the demon, Paul Stanley’s character, the star child, Tommy Thayer’s character, the spaceman, and Eric Singer’s character, the catman. KISS has a great following, so make sure you get the makeup correct because you may be called out if you don’t.


Paul McCartney was dressed in a blue uniform, John Lennon in a yellow uniform, George Harrison in an orange uniform and Ringo Starr in a fuscha uniform. These uniforms were also in the animated movie “Yellow Submarine.”



Those jump suits were in vogue during the early 70s. Whatever the suit they wore, Alan was dressed in blue, Wayne in orange, Merrill in black, Jay in blue, and Donny in purple. If Jimmy was included, he dressed in orange. Get four or five of your friends and trick-or-treat as a group while singing “Lazy River,” “Crazy Horses,” “Yo-Yo,” or “One Bad Apple.”


Hardcore Bowie fans will remember his alter ego. He instroduced glam rock.


Any of Elton John’s old costumes. My favorite was his sequined Los Angeles Dodgers uniform for his 1975 concert at Dodger Stadium. For more costumes, watch the biopic “Rocketman.” It seemed like he changed costumes like the wind. Whichever one you choose, I am sure someone will know who you are.


Get four of your friends and get orange energy domes, eye glasses, black shorts, sleeveless black turtlenecks, and wristwatches and you can sing “Whip It” while waiting for candy.


The Runes, ZOFO, or simply Led Zeppelin IV has on the cover an old man, bent over leaning on a makeshift wooden cane with a bundle of sticks on his back.

If you open the album cover, you see a wizard figure with a lantern atop a rocky mountain looking down on a small village. While these characters have a place in rock music history, people may have a hard time guessing who you are.

I am sure there are other bands that have or wear costumes. Email me with your choices.

I love Halloween.

I always will.


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