Write Now: Fans Of The Arts Are Still Waiting For More Answers On Performances

So I’m just thinking out loud.

I love live music, and that’s no secret.

I try to hear and see live bands as much as I can. Before COVID-19, there was access to see live bands, but there weren’t that many local venues offered live music. Of the venues that did, they were giving a wealth of opportunities to musicians to maybe live out their dreams and aspirations.

The COVID-19 became real and it brought with it the lockdown which is now moving into Phase 2 of reopening.

But we still have to wear face masks.

Because wearing a mask helps slow the virus from spreading.

And we have to practice social distancing.

Because social distancing helps slow the virus from spreading.

Many musicians, dancers, singers, and actors make their livings performing for audiences. Broadway is trying to ready for a season maybe to begin in September while many musicians and bands have canceled their tours until 2021. Some artists have used social media to reconnect with their fans. It’s a live setting, but a remote one where fans and artists can’t interact with other. If you have been to a concert, then you know how frontmen and frontwomen interact with the audience. Audience members sitting closest to the stage often get the most interaction. Although some artists will occasionally talk to fans in the upper, and back seats. After all, they paid good money to see the band perform.

Broadway theaters are trying to incorporate the social distancing protocol by not having patrons sit near each other.

That’s fine.

But what about protocols for musicians, actors and dancers?

If social distancing is still to be practiced at performances, that’s OK. We would see less of an audience with face masks on, sitting apart from each other.

But the band? Do members have to perform wearing face masks?

What about a symphony orchestra? Does its members have to where masks and sit 6 feet apart? In my opinion, not only would that be awkward, but it may sound, well not good. And does the maestro have to conduct behind a clear Plexiglas enclosure? Again, some instruments may not be heard by him, when he cues them to play. It would be tough for the brass, and woodwind sections to play with masks on.

Would you pay to see a musical to be performed where the cast members are wearing face masks in fear of contracting COVID-19? As a patron, you may not get the seat you want because of social distancing, and maybe the masks may muffle the singers’ voices.

It’s a tough call. Maybe when speaking or singing, the masks can be pulled down just enough so their voices are clear.

What happens if a cast member’s mask should fall off during a performance? Do the house lights come on and the performance is stopped or is there a “mask” guy off stage to give a new mask to the cast member. The cast member would move off stage and come back with a new mask.

These are just some observations I have made. I guess if you are a fan of the arts, you will have to wait for some more concrete answers from the rule makers.

The virus has had quite an impact on the entertainment industry.

In my opinion, I don’t see shows and concerts being scheduled until November or December.


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