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Author, Artist Likes Sharing His Work With People

Jeremy Bach

From his childhood days, artist Jeremy Bach always loved reading. His love for reading and art has turned into a love for writing as well.

Friday, Bach’s sixth book “Tales of Terror,” will be released

“I’ve always had a love for reading since childhood. My writing evolved from years of writing poetry. All my artistic endeavors evolved from another art form I enjoy doing,” Bach said.

Although Bach has been writing poetry for several years and doing readings at many of his solo shows writing short stories is only a relativity new endeavor. With the release of “Kya, A Daddy’s Diary” which chronicled his struggles with the diagnosis of cancer of his daughter,in September 2015 did the writing become another artistic expression.

His writing routine is fairly simple: he usually begins his day with a cup of coffee, and as for a routine, he said, there isn’t much of one. When working on a new project no two days are the same, so writer’s block or word count don’t become a problem. “I can write several thousand (word) or two sentences. Like all the arts creativity can be there one day and not the next. Luckily I don’t get bothered with writer’s block because of my painting and photography. If I’m not feeling one that day I almost certainly will be feeling creative in one of the other forms of expression,” Bach said.

The Canandaigua native said he is attracted to write because he sees it as the ability to create and immerse oneself in another world. “It’s also a form of escape. Not feeling like a hero one day? You can write about some story where you become the hero. Its worlds and scenarios we as writers are able to create and control,” Bach added.

The artist noted that he enjoys writing about suspense and spooky scenarios. Also he likes writing flash fiction. Flash fiction is a genre where stories are between 1,500-1,000 words or less. “I really enjoy writing flash fiction. I can pack a lot of suspense into a fast-paced storyline and still be able throw a curve ball at the reader that they never saw coming,” he said.

One piece of advice Bach gives out for new writers trying to get published is to stay vanity publishers or a publisher that will ask an author to buy a certain quantity of books before the book is printed is not a true publisher.

“Whether you go with self-publishing or solicit to the publishing houses study up on marketing because both require a great deal of marketing the book and branding yourself. Always write for the joy of it and not to get published. It’s a long road from concept to writing and eventually publishing — have patience,” he added.

When not writing the artist can either be found in front of an easel painting or behind the lens of a camera bringing his imagination to life. Bach said his paintings have been exhibited in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Beverly Hills, Calif., San Diego Calif., and New York City.

His photographs, he said, also have been placed galleries in Los Angeles, Calif., Dublin, Ireland, and Athens, Greece. Bach has been be named to the list 100,000 most influential living artists of the world by the art tracking website artfacts.com which is an information gathering site for galleries and museums to research on any one artist.

“This is only the beginning for me. I’m going to keep writing because there are too many ideas I have not too keep writing, rythming, painting or snapping away. The one hope I do have for the writing is that these stories become as successful as my other pursuits. I really enjoy sharing my art with everyone.” Bach said.

“Tales of Terror” can be found on Amazon, Barnes & noble as well as other major retail sites.


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