Write Now: Why Not Try A  Free Write Session

Have you ever sat down with a pen, pencil or at the computer and began a free write session.

A free write is a somewhat similar to brainstorming, but you are not writing down words or ideas related to a specific topic. You are just writing down words. There is no rhyme or reason — just words on a page.

I have conducted a free-write session.

I liked it.

I liked it because I knew I could write down anything, and revise it later and maybe glean some ideas for stories, articles, poems or whatever. I do love poetry, but I am more of prose kind of guy in which I like to use grammar. I think grammar is like a computer code. In my opinion, without following the rules of grammar and punctuation, you can’t really show writing for what it is.

So back to the free write. A free write opens up creativity that may be stuck inside. One word can trigger a whole host of ideas that you can build on for another time. I have experienced this, and for me, it’s may be one, two or three words that give me ideas to expand. I have done it when finding ideas for this column. And I might add that the ideas come quickly, and it is more than just one or two ideas.

What I suggest is that when you try a free write, try to write down or type any idea that comes into your mind. Some people say before you begin, clear your mind, but I think if your mind has the ideas, then try to get them on paper some way, so you can examine them later.

Sometimes they are words beside other words and they may be out of context, but then there are those times when one, two or three words form the backbone of your idea, and from there you can literally (no pun intended) map out your idea or expand your argument or idea. Sometimes it may take five minutes while at other times, it may take quite longer. But it doesn’t matter because you need to harness your powerful idea, and synthesize it into an essay, lyrics, a poem or a book.

That’s the joy of a free write. There is no right or wrong way to free write.

I’m sure you can visit YouTube and watch many videos on free write, but when you do that, you are only postponing your session. You should only have to watch a video to see how someone else approaches a free write, but I’m guessing the way you would approach a free write would be fine because there is no right or wrong way to free write.

A free write can be a valuable tool in your writer’s toolbox. When I open my toolbox, I know right where to look for a free write.

Sometimes a free write can relax me, because I can forget about the stressors of the hour, the day, and the week.

Try incorporating a free write into your schedule at least once a week. You may find out that you enjoy the time.


There are some words, that when you hear them, sound like words you may want to use in your writing. Foist is a word that fits that description for me. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, foist can mean to put in slyly or surreptitiously, as a clause into a contract or to get (a thing) accepted, sold, etc. by fraud, deception etc.; palm off: with on or upon.

Do not foist your wares upon me would be an example.

Foist is not a common word, so when I hear or see it used, I check to see how it is used.