GWAR Gets Very Messy At The Town Ballroom

BUFFALO — GWAR may be known for the bombastic, over-the-top costumes and stage show but the music is impeccable. Not only are these guys great actors, to be able to pull off a mock trial during the set, but to play and move around the stage as they do, all of them are true entertainers.

Let’s talk guitars. For those that don’t know the band, it has a couple of them. First, you have Pustulus Maximus. This guy is an incredible entertainer and an amazing guitarist. Pustulus, also known as Brent Purgason, has been on the rod as a professional touring musician for quite some time, and his stage savvy shows it. The guy is spot on with his guitar work, knowing when to play it up, and when to lay back.

Pustulus has the role of being a secondary commentator to Blothar, the vocalist. Purgason definitely knows his way around that role as well, throwing out barbs and jabs when he can, and also redirecting the amusement back to the show at hand when it runs the risk of getting sidetracked. The guy is a solid artist, not just musically, but professionally as an entertainer.

His cohort, the infamous Balsac the Jaws of Death, known in his human form as Mike Derks, has been behind the steel trap of a jaw in the band since the mid-1980s and not only proved himself to be the entertainer needed for the show but an absolute killer on the guitar. The riffs played to perfection at the Town Ballroom Tuesday were simply amazing. One thing that stood out was the size of the boots on the guy. For those that have seen KISS perform in full make-up, you need to see a GWAR show. Gene Simmons has nothing on Balsac when it comes to boots. These things had a bend in them to resemble that of a goat’s leg, right down to an exaggerated hoof. The bend in the boot looks like it would make for a bit of an uncomfortable two hours on stage.

From Beefcake the Mighty to Blothar, and right to Jizmak Da Gusha, and yes, even the monkey-faced stage slave, the band was spot on with the presentation and the technical sound.

In terms of what you have heard of a show, for those that know fans of the band, it is all true.

Even with precautions to keep the stage area clean, the floor of the venue was visibly coated in about a quarter-inch of whatever it is that was sprayed throughout the show. Fans were rolling in it. Fans were bathing in it. It was a good time.

And that’s what the band is about. That’s the reason it was founded. It is a good time with some great rock ‘n’ roll music. Sure, there’s a bit of dirty mess that comes with it. OK, a lot of mess.


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