The Raven Age Stops In Buffalo Tuesday

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The famous Tower of London is home to a conspiracy of ravens. These ravens are shrouded in legend and are venerated. It is said that if these birds were to disappear, either through the death of all of them or they escape and fly away, it means the demise of the United Kingdom and the fall of the monarchy.

This is the backstory that gave the London-based band, The Raven Age, the premise for its existence.

“We wanted to create a name that had meaning, something we could build around,” Raven Age guitarist and founding member, George Harris, said. “A lot of bands choose a name because it sounds good. We wanted our name to be more than just cool. There had to be a story behind it. From the name to the artwork, even the songs and the stage show, we wanted something to be able to make the most of every part.”

The Raven Age is on its second tour of the United States.

“Musically, I draw more from the metalcore scene,” Harris said. “I listened to it when I was 14 or 15 years old and liked the heavy and fast music with the melodic style. Melody has always been the main inspiration for me. It’s the foundation of music, to be honest.”

For those looking for someone new to put into the playlist rotation, The Raven Age may be a band that shocks the listener.

“I like clean vocals in our music,” Harris said, as the chief writer for the band. “Clean [vocals] give us the ability to jam pack a piece with melodies. As to the subjects, I tend to draw from epic subjects. The concepts are the most difficult part of our pieces. They tend to come form books and film.”

The epic and visual side of the music is not neglected with Harris and The Raven Age. If you’re going to base your name around a concept, a story, then the visuals need to be in line, and they deliver.

“For our stage show, artwork is a big deal for us,” Harris said. “We have the backdrops and screens, of course. We like to have that 3D kind of atmosphere that draws the concert-goer into the story we are telling.”

The Raven Age only played a handful of shows in the United States on a previous tour. Harris said it was a great way to introduce them to America and Americans to the music, but it is a process.

“We are doing this step-by-step,” he said. “We have found that America is actually about a third of our listeners right now. We want to get out and get our music in front of as many people as we can.”

The Raven Age is opening for Iron Maiden on its Legacy Tour and will perform in Buffalo on Tuesday at KeyBank Arena.


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