Niagara Falls Native Returns Home For Casino Show

Western New York has its share of musicians that move away looking for that shot at stardom. Some come back as their stock rises. JB Aaron is one of those. The Niagara Falls native returns to his hometown today, to unveil a new song to the people he feels closest to. When he plays Stir at the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino.

Aaron moved to the Nashville area to launch his music career after a musical journey that saw him move from rock and blues bands to even being an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas.

“I really love where I am at,” he said of the musical travels. “I started singing when I was six. Man, I used to sing Broadway-style stuff.”

Today’s show will be the next step in some hard work that he and his songwriter friend, Craig Martin have put into a new single, “Breathe.”

Martin may be best known for his hit with Tim McGraw, “Don’t Take the Girl.” Aaron said Martin will be in attendance on Friday and just may perform with him.

“From the first time I heard Craig sing that song, the lyrics really hit me hard. It really is one of those songs that stirs the emotions,” Aaron said. “‘It only hurts me when I breathe,’ I mean, those words talk about the daily struggles that we all go through. It could be the loss of a loved one or the loss of someone special. There’s definitely something special in that song.”

JB Aaron has made his mark on the country music industry, having already performed at both of the iconic venues the genre calls home, the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium. He has also performed the National Anthem for the Buffalo Bills.

“Coming home to Niagara Falls to unveil this new single is really special to me,” Aaron said. “Niagara Falls will always be home to me. I love being home. My main support group is there. I love being able to be around, and performing for, my family and friends.”

Home is where it all comes together for Aaron as well. He said his biggest inspiration and his greatest drive comes from his parents and from “The Man Upstairs.”

“My mom used to sing and play guitar,” Aaron said. “She passed six years ago, but she really sounded like Patsy Cline. Dad is dedicated to my work. He goes to all my shows.It’s really a great thing to have the love and support from them.”

That support has really helped to push JB to make the most of the opportunities he has been given.

“Everything in the music business is a challenge,” he said. “You have to find the right songs and the right plan for each show, and you have to give it all for every show. I can tell you that I leave it all onstage each night.”

JB Aaron’s music can be found on his website,, and his social media channels.

“Come on out on April 26. We are going to have a heck of a fun time,” he said. “I’ll be doing my stuff and some stuff everyone will sing along with.”

JB Aaron will be performing at Stir in the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino today, at 6 p.m. Stir does have a bit of a dress code. Guests are asked not to wear the following: Athletic attire; cutoffs; hats; loose-fitting or baggy jeans; jerseys; hoodies; men are asked to not wear sleeveless shirts; and inappropriate footwear.