‘Surrounding Color’ Exhibit To Be Held

Bianca Francesca Gullotti will hold a solo art exhibition “Surrounding Color.” The event is one night only and will be held on Saturday, March 30 from 6-9 p.m at Studio D Catering & Venue, 106 E. Second St. Gullotti is a visual artist that merges the conventions of fine art painting and photography.

This exhibition will be comprised of a series of fine art photography prints and oil paintings. The reception is free and open to the public and all of the work will be for sale. Gullotti’s work has been in numerous shows and publications. She is a native of Jamestown where she held her first solo exhibition in 2017.

Gullotti’s work pushes the limits of conventional photography by taking an abstract expressionistic approach incorporating elements of action painting. She uses abstraction as a means to convey strong expressive content and explores the way color impacts our emotions in our daily lives.

Through the use of color, Gullotti blends moments in time, challenging the viewer to emotionally connect to each piece. Working in this way allows each viewer to truly derive their own meaning of her work based on their personal experience.