Lindsey Stirling To Play Shea’s Theater Dec. 15

She’s gone from growing up with the sounds of classical music, and learning the violin to entertaining thousands of people at a time with her own blend of music. As she prepared to embark on her Christmas tour, Wanderland, she is playing music from her Warmer in the Winter album.

Stirling said she is looking forward to the performance at Shea’s on Dec. 15, and she believes the audience will enjoy the work that has gone into it as well.

“It’s going to be a fun show,” she said. “There’ a lot of variety on stage, and a lot of changes. If you’re going to be at the show, expect everything from ballet to ballroom, and a lot of happy-go-lucky feel. It’s going to be a fun time.”

In the midst of rehearsals at the time of the interview, she said she was starting to find the rhythm of the show, and has been able to put her creative signature into the mix, as she likes to do.

“The show has a choreographer, but I like to design and edit the creative direction of the show,” she said. “I have also found a couple songs that have found a special place. “Carol of the Bells has that special feel because it’s so dramatic. Then there’s the old time feel of Let It Snow. We will even have snow on stage for that one.”

Warmer in the Winter has some original content as well. The catalogue of Christmas songs is extensive, and covers all genres. Just how does an artist create new music to honor a holiday that is celebrated so much?

Stirling said she found the right formula during the songwriting process.

“When we went into the writing process, I really opened up that archive of Christmas memories,” she said. “There’s just something about Christmas that makes the feelings come to the top.”

Stirling said she is always inn go mode, and it is the way her personality type has to be. It isn’t just the concert tour or her time on “Dancing with the Stars” where she finished second in Season 25. She said it is an important part of life to be busy. It is a mental health thing, and that’s an important aspect for her.

“It’s really hard to relax when you have that ‘go, go, go” personality,” she said. “Many of us have a self worth attached to the creativity side, so it makes it hard to not stay busy.”

She says that she finds mental health to be a vital part of the creative equation.

“When those that have that creative side are not getting that feedback, it is truly hard to remind ourselves of our worth outside of that praise,” she said. “I actually find it most relaxing to connect with nature and family. It all helps. I am very conscious of mental health.”

The Buffalo show has sold out and is a benefit for The Ronald McDonald House.