Lindsey Stirling Brings Holiday Cheer In Concert

Lindsey Stirling Photo by Chris Chapman

BUFFALO — It’s a season of giving and, for some entertainers, that means a special tour stop for a good cause. That’s just what violinist and dancer, Lindsey Stirling brought to the stage of Shea’s Theater, Dec. 15, performing a show in the middle of her “Wanderland” tour to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo.

It was a performance that harkened back to the variety shows of the mid-20th Century where music, dance, costume changes, even bit of humor all come together to leave show-goers feeling good and wanting more.

The sold-out show had the audience entertained from before Stirling started to play with three of hr dancers dressed like classic toy soldiers, interacting with the audience, having fun and setting the tone. It was a night where that kind of thing was the norm.

Stirling was energetic, moving all over the stage. Some of it with her violin, other times showing her dance skills, and still, other times just having fun. Her dance troupe embodied the various styles of dance from the evening as well, ranging from ballroom to more modern styles, and event ballet. The latter gave an opportunity for Stirling to show off her “ballet teacher,” her little dog, Luna. Performing in a tutu and “en pointe” the pink pup added to the humor of the show.

Musically, how many ways can someone impress an audience? She was dancing, bending, even catching the ‘fly-olin’ as the tethered instrument that came from above was called.

Stirling took the opportunity to talk about her time visiting the Ronald McDonald House, visiting the families that were in need of a place to stay while a loved one found themselves in the hospital. The show carried a retrospect that highlighted the reason so many people were willing to pay to see her.

She reached into her own life and made the night a personal one, talking about the season she spent on Dancing with the Stars and the personal trials she went through during that time and how it was during those trials, personal injuries and heavy workloads that she was able to truly feel that there are Angels walking among us.

She thanked each of the people in the audience for their contributions to help those in need at the Ronald McDonald House.

“I have come to learn that what we put out to others is what comes back to us,” she said. “I am convinced that there are angels among us…I have found that if we ask God for what we want, we get what we need.”

Stirling proved that the days of a good variety show are far from over. It was a perfect holiday show with a perfect performer who gave to those in need.