Considered Best Friends, Dogs Often Touch The Lives Of Many People

Hello, again! You know what? My favorite part of the week is when I have the privilege of writing for all of you. Of course, I do adore all of my corporate partners as well, but it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to share information and advice with our local, tight-knit community.

This week, I want to lighten the mood and share some amazing stories with you. Dogs touch our lives in so many ways. And, they truly are our very best friends. They care for us tremendously, they understand our needs, and protect us against all odds.

With that said, grab your tissues and get ready for today’s stories to touch your heart.

Abused Dog Saves

Little Girl

When Peanut, a previously abused rescue dog, began acting frantic her owner was unsure of what to do. Peanut was running throughout their home as if there was something incredibly wrong. Peanut’s owner finally decided to let her outside to see if she simply needed to release some energy.

Peanut led her owner to a field behind their home. What did they find? In a ditch, there was a 3-year-old little girl naked and shivering. Peanut’s owner immediately wrapped the little girl in a sweatshirt and called the authorities.

Peanut, a dog who was so severely abused (broken ribs, both legs brown, and starving to the point that her stomach was full of carpet when she was found) had just rescued a little girl who would have died if Peanut had not been so attuned to her.

Even through all of her hardships with human encounters prior to her current owner, she still had a love for humans with no trust broken. If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is.

Bear, the Black Lab

A mother by the name of Patricia Drauch was in her garden when she realized her 14-month-old son was no where to be found. As any mother would be, she was in a state of pure panic.

She looked everywhere and finally found him. He was face up in a pool. A mother’s worst fear.

But, wait. How did he become face up in the water? The family dog, Bear, was with the little boy and was standing perfectly still to ensure the boy’s head was above water.

Once the authorities arrived, they informed the frantic mother that her little boy wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for their family dog. Bear had saved his life.

The Rescued Pit Saves

Her Best Friend

Angela Marcelino rescued her dog, Maya, from a local humane society. Several years later, Angela walked into her home and an attacker shoved her inside her home. The man grabbed Angela by the throat and slammed the door behind him.

Her struggle immediately caught her loyal dog’s attention. Her dog attacked the intruder which provided Angela enough time to hit the man’s groin area. He released Angela and fled the scene.

Some of the intruder’s blood was left on Maya’s face. The blood was collected by the authorities and they were able to arrest the man who violently attacked Angela. This situation could have ended much worse if it weren’t for her loyal companion, Maya.

Max and the Robbers

Max’s owner, Osmar Persisco, was parking his car when two robbers demanded the keys to his car. Osmar refused to hand the keys over willingly and the robbers began throwing shots at the conflicted man grazing his head with a bullet.

When Max noticed his owner had been shot, he began to attack the robbers. One of them fled the scene immediately, but the other began shooting at Max. To defend Osmar, Max was shot twice in the chest and once in the leg. This is a story of true love- a dog will even take a bullet and risk his own life for yours.

Luckily, his heroism didn’t take his life. His owner, Osmar, stated “If I didn’t have my dog around, they would have killed me. He’s my hero.”

Warning Against The Babysitter

All these stories touch my heart. But, as a mother myself, this one is particularly touching to me. The Jordan family had a dog, Killian, who was described to be extremely calm on a regular basis. Out of nowhere, he began growling at the babysitter of their seven-month-old baby. Knowing this was unusual for Killian, the Jordans placed a phone under the couch to check to see if he had sensed something wrong with their babysitter.

They were expecting to discover the babysitter was mistreating their dog, Killian. Instead, they heard the babysitter swearing and noises that appeared to be their sitter shaking and slapping their little baby.

Fortunately, their baby was okay thanks to their family dog. Not only was the baby saved by this courageous dog, but the babysitter was placed on a ‘do-not-hire’ list so she is never able to work anywhere near children ever again. Way to go, Killian.

Shelby The Hero

A dog by the name of Shelby became the 45th Skippy Dog Hero of the Year for saving two adults and two children.

Shelby, a German Shepherd, was the first to detect rising carbon monoxide levels in her home. Her human family were all sleeping at the time. She barked, nudged, scratched, and cried until her entire family were safe outside.

Each member of her family, thanks to her heroic efforts, made a full recovery. Joleen Walderbach, her owner, stated “In my eyes, and in the eyes of my family, Shelby is more than a hero; she is a life saver, a guardian angel.”

Share Your Stories

Do you know of any amazing dog stories? Have you had any experiences yourself where your dog has helped you out of a dangerous situation? We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your story by sending an e-mail to me at AmberLDrake@dogbehaviorblog.org

Until next time!


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