Area Musicians To Perform On Huckabee Show

From left: Norm Cady, songwriter and guitarist; Anthony Brown, keyboard player; Jeff Lewis, lead singer; and Rich Alcorn, guitarist and song writer. The Jeff Lewis Band will be performing on the “Huckabee” TV show in Nashville, Tenn. showcasing the song “Land of Dreams” that was released two years ago and was written by Cady. Submitted photo

LAKEWOOD –Norm Cady sat inside his Lakewood residence less than a day away from traveling to Nashville, Tenn., where the Jeff Lewis Band will be performing his song “Land of Dreams” on the “Huckabee” TV show that will air Saturday and Sunday.

“I feel blessed,” Cady said of the opportunity.

The song will be performed live on today and air the following two days on Trinity Broadcasting (TBN). The performance can also be viewed on or on Mike Huckabee’s facebook page.

Cady wrote the song around two years ago when he decided that Jeff Lewis — who he said had taken a break from music at that point — was suited better to perform the patriotic song.

The song was recorded at Graphite Sound Studio in Warren, Pa. Cady and Lewis entered the song for consideration in the music contest “We the Future” hosted by Constituting America. After being awarded the 2016 Best Song as part of the contest, Cady and Lewis were invited to perform at the Tomball, Texas July 4 Celebration in 2017, in front of 24,000 people.

Traditionally, Cady said he would perform the songs he writes, but admitted to initially thinking Lewis would be a perfect fit for “Land of Dreams.”

“He’s very talented,” Cady said. “I was very glad he was able to do it.”

At the time of agreeing to sing “Land of Dreams,” Lewis had stepped away from music, as Cady described it. Lewis has previously shared the stage with Patty Loveless, Neal McCoy and Travis Tritt with his former band Gotham Rose.

“Maybe we’re pulling him out of retirement,” Cady joked.

Now, Lewis is performing under the band name of the Jeff Lewis Band with Anthony Brown, keyboard player and owner of Graphite Sound Studio, and Rich Alcorn, guitarist and songwriter. Cady will play guitar during their July 27 performance as a special guest.

“I give Norm a lot of credit for his songwriting; he’s really in touch with what’s going on in our country, and when I heard ‘Land of Dreams’ I thought it was probably the best song he’s ever written,” Lewis previously told The Post-Journal in 2016. “It’s uplifting, it’s wholesome and I think it’s just what the country needs right now.”

The song, “Land of Dreams,” features numerous patriotic themes that Cady hopes can inspire Americans.

“When I wrote the song ‘Land of Dreams,’ I just felt that with where this county’s been going I just wanted to write something that would be inspiring, something that would be encouraging to people and to our country,” Cady said.

Cady encouraged people to search which channel TBN and the “Huckabee” TV show is broadcast on.