Will Lowry Releases Fifth Full-Length Album ‘Colours And Lines’

Will Lowry, a Little Valley musician, recently released his fifth full-length album of original music, titled “Colours and Lines.” Submitted photo

A Western New York musician is touting the release of his most recent album of original music.

Will Lowry, an Ellicottville native and Little Valley resident, is celebrating his fifth full-length album, “Colours and Lines,” which was released this year and is available for purchase both locally and online.

The project was recorded over the course of a year at Diamond Lake Studios in Cassadaga, featuring DLS session musicians Wendy Krzemien and Bob White, among others. In a writing and recording career spanning nearly four decades, Lowry has strung together several successive releases in that span of time — interweaving elements of folk, rock and classical guitar into one cohesive unit.

Despite “Colours and Lines” being his most recent effort, Lowry said its premise is not new to him.

“The original concept for this album came to me about 30 years ago, when I was visiting art galleries and studying art informally,” he said. “It occurred to me that the most basic factors in creating art are the colors and the lines. This serves as a metaphor for life: lines being the guides and rules we choose to live by; colors being the emotions and passions we give way to in our lives. It seemed to me that to live life as a ‘masterpiece,’ we need the eye of an artist to balance both the colors and the lines.”

His work has also earned praise from Mayville musician Bill Ward, who has himself performed extensively throughout the area for decades and understands the ins and outs of being a singer-songwriter. Regarding “Colours and Lines,” Ward said the album is a highlight of Lowry’s career.

“(Lowry is) one of the most pensive songwriters I have come across, and this album exemplifies his talent,” Ward said. “Each song lives well on its own, but as an opus this album is beautifully crafted.”

Lowry’s musical career began in 1970, when he started playing at local bars with his band. Eventually, his band became the house band at the Telemark in Ellicottville. Lowry then moved to Boston, Mass., where he studied classical guitar, before writing and releasing his debut album, “Mystery,” in 1979.

Over the course of the next few years, Lowry toured throughout the state, performing extensively in colleges, coffeehouses and many other venues while releasing two other albums. In 1985, he took a break from music to pursue a degree in Scripture and theology. He marked his return to music 20 years later, with the 2005 release of his fourth album “Fragments.”

“Colours and Lines,” as well as songs from Lowry’s previous albums, can be sampled on his website: willlowrymusic.com. The album can also be purchased in CD format, or as a digital download from Amazon or CDBaby.