Golden Abe Statue A Reward At Lincoln

Lincoln Elementary School “Golden Abe” winner, School Nurse Sandy Leo, shows off her award and Abe Lincoln hat.

Lincoln Elementary School sets high standards for its students and staff but also understands the importance of recognizing when they are met, or often, exceeded. The school has three ways it highlights students and staff: the Spotlight Scholar Award, a Staff Spotlight on Facebook and the Golden Abe Award.

“It is really so important for us as a school to recognize our students and staff who go above and beyond to make Lincoln such a great school,” said Lincoln music teacher Cathy South. “We love seeing how excited everyone gets to receive these fun recognitions.”

The Spotlight Scholar is a student who is nominated by any Lincoln staff member. The scholar receives a magnet that they can put on their locker. Principal Katie Russo announces it during the morning announcements so the entire school knows who the scholar of the day is. The student takes the coveted Abe Lincoln doll back to the classroom for the day.

“The Spotlight Scholar really encourages the other kids to do the right thing,” said Mrs. South. “It’s a great incentive for positive behaviors and each month all the kids recognized are together in one photo that we share on social media.”

The Staff Spotlight on Facebook is new this year as a way for students and families to get to know Lincoln staff a little bit better. Each week, a Lincoln staff member is highlighted on the school’s Facebook page with a photo and fun information about how long they have worked at Lincoln, where they went to college, and a fun fact like their favorite food.

“We just want our school community to feel like a family and doing the Staff Spotlight gives everyone a chance to get to know their family better,” said Mrs. South.

The Golden Abe is given once a week to a staff member who has gone above and beyond. Mrs. Russo chose the first recipient and then the winner of the Golden Abe nominates the next staff member. The winner gets to wear an Abe Lincoln hat and have their photo taken and hung in the main hallway.

“The kids get a huge kick out of seeing the staff as ‘Abe Lincoln’ and it really encourages them to go above and beyond each day at school,” said Mrs. South.


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