Ellicottville Wins CCAA Boys Roll-Offs

BRADFORD, Pa. — Ellicottville led all teams at the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association boys roll-off at Byllye Lanes on Tuesday evening with a line score of 1,020-1,057-1,069-3,146 while Forestville grabbed second place with a 1,031-1,052-1,051-3,134.

Connor Wright of Gowanda had the high individual scratch game with a 233 while Alex Nelson of Southwestern had the high scratch series with a 590.

Jared Kibbee of Dunkirk had the high handicap game with a 257 and Jamison Caldwell of Ellicottville had the high handicap series with a 699.

Following in the team scores were: Gowanda 996-1,039-1,089-3,124, Dunkirk 983-951-1,183-3,117, Chautauqua Lake 1,021-967-1,034-3,022, Falconer 970-929-1,118-3,017, Salamanca 1,042-973-998-3,013, Silver Creek 945-983-1,085-3,013, Brocton 1,056-971-967-2,994, Clymer/Sherman 1,002-917-1,069-2,998, Frewsburg 914-986-1,058-2,958, Jamestown 1,007-1,022-926-2,955, Southwestern 929-1,006-963-2,898, Cattaraugus-Little Valley 898-1,017-983-2,898, Fredonia 985-985-901-2,871, Randolph 916-974-966-2,856, Allegany-Limestone 961-943-927-2,831, Hinsdale 940-937-916-2,793.