Textor, Raymond Toss Perfect Games To Lead Bowling

Ray Textor and Andrew Raymond drilled perfect games at Jamestown Bowling Company recently.

Textor rolled his 300 for Butternut Brooke in the Dave Warren Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Classic on Thursday night after Raymond had his 300 in the Acme Appliance League on Sunday night.

Overall, Textor finished with a 755 with another high game of 259. In addition to his perfect game, Raymond rolled a 247 en route to a 727.

Also in the Dave Warren Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Classic, Alan Felmlee hit a 289-241-746 for Southern Tier T-Shirts; Chris Conti shot a 258-257-732 for Dom’s Mobil; Ryan Colburn had a 279-723 and Josh Volk hit a 277-230-714, both for Scott’s Tree Ex.; Dan Walker hit a 235-233-244-712 for Axiom Office Image; and Mark Blasdell fired a 264-245-710 for John Nelson Construction in the Dave Warren Classic at JBC.

Chris Johnson led the Lena’s Pizza League at JBC with a 265-248-241-754 for JPF Trucking. In the same league, Jeremy Crist fired a 280-257-729 for Bemus Point Inn, Bill Thompson rolled a 225-279-720 for Wadsworth Construction, Raymond shot a 248-246-223-717 for Honest John’s and Tom Lester hit a 244-256-711 for Southern Tier Sports.

Kate Foti led the ladies with a 266-223-693 for Axiom Office Image in the Dave Warren Hall of Fame Classic at JBC where Lyn McIntyre came through with a 243-650 and Steph Tompkins shot a 225-621.

Tyler Jones cracked a 246-255-688 for All Shots Matter in the Lena’s Pizza League.

Back to the Dave Warren Classic at JBC, Paul Burdic hit a 247-244-692 for Farm Fresh Foods, Alex Foti rolled a 226-245-690 for Brothers Foti, Dan Gould shot a 239-245-685 and Andy Proctor fired a 259-224-682 both for Harmony Sheet Metal, and Mark Meleen recorded a 235-224-676 for Gateway Graphics.

Brad Johnson tossed a 256-242-688 for Who Cares and John Robbins authored a 249-226-681 for Pumkings in the Schutt’s Arctic Cat League at JBC.

Luke Greenlee recorded a 280, Jeff Arnold a 269, Gregg Grimm a 265, Richard Michael a 258, John Buffone a 257 and Chuck Chapman and Nick Martinelli 256 games at JBC.

Bob Howe unloaded a 226-221-206-653 in the JBC’s Senior Coffee Bowl and earlier had a 226-221-206-653 in the same league.

Jim Suckow hit 226-624, Hank Mole a 211-600 and Sharon Dowd a 202-523 in the Early Birds Senior League at JBC.

Tom Yocum upended 243-246-678 for Piazza’s Carpet in the Miles Machine League at JBC.

Scott Heinke shot a 244-675 for Falconer Vac Shoppe in the Falconer Businessmen’s League at State Lanes.

Toby Christiansen recorded a 258 and Mike Page a had 256 at JBC. Also at JBC, Andy Blasdell had a 270, Mike Sacilowski a 266, Joe Jagoda a 257 and Lenny Marucci a 254.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Early Birds League — John Foster 234-572, Bob Dowd 225-559, Lenny Bush 539, Chuck Lee 200-517, Roger Gustafson 515, Ken Davis 509, Chuck Forsberg 501, Denise Webert 436, Donna Reissner 430, Karen Beattie 406, Mary Love 404.

Acme Appliance League — Dennis Nilson 235-619, Alex Foti 228-611, Daniel Sasso 242-602, Matt O’Neill 225-580.

Schutt’s Arctic Cat League — Bill Hartzell 220-634, Chris Goodwill 226-628, Vince Willis 225-620, Craig Merchant 612, Justin Johnson 581,

Dave Warren Crystal Dodge Ram Classic — Lenny Marucci 223-671, Jeff Arnold 223-247-664, Greg Grimm 244-243-660, Jim Chapman 235-658, Tom Volpe 233-241-657, Dan Hallberg 235-643,. Joe Jagoda 640,. Justin Van Arsdale 224-640, Scott Cappa 228-627, Andy Blasdell 626. Mike Sacilowski 626, John Williams Jr. 224-223-622, Andrew Raymond 621, Bill Thompson 236-618, Dan Zamborik 243-615, Brian Kennelley 248-609, Brandon Miller 223-609, Jeremy Becker 224-223-607.L

Frewsburg Lanes: Angel Hair League — Lori Lassen 532, Makayla Marcotte 506, Trista Lindsay 500, Bonnie Smith 484.

Cutting Lanes: Monday Men’s League — Pat Bemis 222-223-222-673, Brad Robinson 242-660, Kyle Rice 233-633, Ron Reed 236-592, Justin Hall 220-580. Craig Robinson 575.

Tuesday A. M. Senior League — Paul Sears 548, Roger Post 232-536, Ed Post 503, Sandy Post 463, Georgeanna Peck 453.

Moon Brook Ladies League — Ann Knepshield 484.

Miles Machine Men’s League — Mike Page 655, Rod Swanson 246-645, Rusty Martin 244-633, Rob Loll 242-624, Todd Piazza 232-623, John Van Horn 615, Joe Perry 603, Jeff Ellis 600, Toby Christensen 595, Joe Sienicki 593, Tom Lester 590, Dave Kohlbacher 234-581, Mike Wallen 579,

Lena’s Pizza League — Cody Kane 246-669, Jeff Arnold 220-661, Bill Colburn 233-657, Jason Rupczyk 223-244-650, Richard Michael 638, John Buffone 637, Greg Grimm 633, Kevin Stimson 630, Ron Brown 230-629, Mike Sanden 226-624, Lenny Marucci 243-624, Chuck Chapman 620, Sean Peters 247-620, Dan Walker 245-620, Dave Rasmussen 224-617, Don Olson 243-616, Ken Berlund 220-610, Nick McGrath 607, Pedro Melendez 226-608, Kyle Ristau 247-604, Jim Chapman 236-602, Luke Greenlee 600, Tim Whitmore 599, Nick Martinelli 598, Dave Fiorella 596, Joe Foti 235-693, Andy Greenlee 586, Dave Woodfield Jr. 585, Terry Sanden 585, Ang Volpe 235-583.

Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto League — Laura Schlining 203-571, Grace Wheeler 544, Marlene Macey 516, Jen Goshgarian 504, Jami Olson 482.

State Lanes: Falconer Businessmen’s League — Matt Gunther 236-648, Curt Zdunski 615, Steve Armstrong 610, Scott Heinke 609, Andy Almquist 606, Scott Traniello 596, Eric Johnson 585, Kevin Boggs 584, Scott Nelson 583, Larry Pishera 582, Doug Wood 580.

Second shift — Curt Zdunski 222-601, Scott Traniello 589, Eric Johnson 582 582.