Investigate Solutions To Onerous Regulations

There were two excellent editorials in the July 3 issue of this paper. One was written by a very famous journalist, Tom Morgan, who defined American Exceptionalism and why America is exceptional.

His conclusion? We are exceptional because the structure of our government was created by exceptional men– our Founding Fathers. They understood the importance of checks and balances, made possible by restraints placed on the various governmental bodies (Executive, Courts, Congress). Their exceptional work functions to this day.

The second editorial was written by a local businessman who has worked for nine years to establish a very common-sense business that will remove food waste from our county land fill and turn that waste into a useable organic soil amendment. His business has operated for 20 years in the Sherman area, receiving farm waste (manure solids, spoiled silage) and turning these wastes into beautiful top soil.

Successful, exceptional businesses usually evolve as they mature, and Slab City Organics is one such business. Evolution in this case was to remove food waste from our land fill (common sense if possible?) and produce a saleable and much needed soil amendment.

I have become fully aware of Greg’s attempts to obtain approval for his expanded business and the governmental obstructionism that has prevented this from happening. I disagree with Greg on only one point, and that is the need for a committee where Americans can air grievances against existing government bodies without fear of retaliation.

In Greg’s case, such a committee should not be required. I would suggest that ALL governmental agencies (local, county, state, federal, DEC, Soil and Water) sit down at one time and establish a common sense plan of action whereby Slab City Organics can receive food waste for his composting business, and do so without creating any unacceptable problems to our environment. Such a plan should of course incorporate common sense regulations, but it should also include ideas from Greg who has operated successfully for two or more decades.

If this group of exceptional people will not work with Greg to develop an acceptable method to compost food waste, then indeed, set up a local committee of individuals that can support Greg’s common sense efforts to remove waste from our land fill and create a profitable, private business.

That is the dream of many small American businesspeople. (Do you suppose that there might be some taxpayers in the county that would support such an endeavor?) The exceptional system of government described by Tom Morgan should allow this process to move forward. Instead of road blocks, may the various governmental agencies who have opposed Greg for nine years, work together to assist him in his business.

Help Greg create a system that will work for him and the environment, without onerous restrictions that stifle his business. I’ll bet that such a group of governmental servants can make this happen! God bless America!

Donald Peterson is a Gerry resident.