Democrats Have Only Obstructed Trump

To The Reader’s Forum:

While President Trump works hard to making America great again, Democrats have done nothing but reject, obstruct and resist.

President Trump has delivered tax cuts, cut regulation, added jobs, brought companies back to America, is starting the wall, nominated federal judges, appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, boosted pay for our troops, is growing the military and giving them the equipment they need to remain the world’s top fighting force. He’s restoring accountability to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs because he knows our heroes deserve better than they’ve been getting.

Against Democratic resistance, he is trying to make our southern border harder to cross for the illegals pouring in every day. His vision for merit-based immigration is one that will reward those who follow our laws, make our country better and are proud to call themsleves Americans. He is trying to stop the ridiculous lottery system of getting into our country and then bringing all of your relatives here. He has been clear and unapologetic about our nation’s new policy: America First (Americans come first).

His administration is also working to eradicate the most violent street gangs from our nation. He has stayed true to his commitments on the campaign trail. He has done all of this and more, without taking a salary. He promised he’d donate it, so that’s what he’s done.

Democrats delay confirmation of his national security nominees and they stall hundreds of other nominees, all to undermine his presidency. They claim to care about us but are actually working against us. They push fraudulent narratives to hide President Trump’s real action for the American people. So much time and money wasted on Russia, Russia, Russia. (Can’t you tell that CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, Hillary Clinton and movie stars all hate him?). They also use millionaires and these people, to promote their agenda with riots, protests and such.

The president stands for the Second Amendment and knows that guns don’t kill people — people kill people.

We love him and think he is doing a great job. He cares about America. He has great common sense. He gets military advice from “our military.” He is a great businessman and knows what he is doing. Despite Democratic obstruction, the president continues to lead. We must do everything we can to keep him, and vote those in who will work with him.

Kurt and Lois Pfaff