Trump’s Tax Plan Helps The Wealthy Elite

To the Reader’s Forum:

Trump unveiled some sketchy tax plan details this week and to no one’s surprise the bulk of the benefits go to the wealthy, the corporations, and the Wall Street banks.

The idea is to reduce taxes for the rich first and after they make their profits they will then go out and create jobs for you. It seems that he is basically telling you, the average guy, to get in line, wait your turn, the rich come first. Since Trump claims to be for the little guy why doesn’t he try something different, like Trickle Up? This idea is to cut taxes on the working guy first so he has more money is his pocket to go out and buy the stuff he needs. With more demand, the corporations will then have to make more stuff, hire more people, and eventually create more profit. You benefit because you are first in line, not last.

If Trump really wanted to Make America Great Again it seems he should start with Americans, not Wall Street.

Tom Meara