Now Is Not Time To Abandon The Church

To The Reader’s Forum:

The recent exposure of the priest’s scandals left me heart broken and angry. They are despicable and not to be tolerated! Does this mean we should leave the church in disgust? No!

If you were Satan, what church would you attack? You would attack the one true church that was founded by, and adheres to, the teaching of Jesus Christ! If we leave the church that is exactly what Satan is planning on. We should be praying for a cleansing of our church and praying for forgiveness.

Some politicians and media people are saying this is not a time for forgiveness but for punishment. What Bible have they been reading? Read the Lord’s Prayer slowly, what does it say about forgiving our trespasses? How many times does Jesus say to forgive? Or, did he say don’t forgive yet, let’s just throw these guys into hell and forgive after justice has been done?

We should stay the course, pray for the church and for our many, many loyal priests and clergy. It is not the time to abandon what we love and cherish the most. Don’t be swayed by the media which is salivating over every sad story that is coming out. Hang in there, pray and be loyal and we will prevail. Leave justice to the courts and to God.

Tony Pingitore