State Officials Look Into Fluvanna Avenue

It is good to hear that the state Transportation Department is willing to take a hard look at Fluvanna Avenue and Washington Street in Jamestown.

State officials are studying a possible redesign of the road, including making the road two lanes instead of four and installing bicycle lanes and a turning lane. Fluvanna Avenue and Washington Street, as they exist now, can be difficult for pedestrians to navigate safely, as evidenced by car-pedestrian accidents that have happened in that area of the city.

Washington Street will always be a busy traffic artery because of its proximity to Interstate 86. Any changes will have to keep traffic moving efficiently from I-86 all the way to the Washington Street bridge.

We hope the Transportation Department study takes into account the entirety of Fluvanna Avenue and Washington Street as requested by Mayor Sam Teresi last year. Anyone who has been on the bridge or who has seen traffic backed up through intersections during busy traffic times knows Washington Street doesn’t always function very efficiently, particularly for a main traffic artery. There is certainly room for improvement from the city line all the way to Second Street both as a traffic corridor and for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Anything to make the road safer — with the possible exception of creating roundabouts — would be a welcome change.