Obama Shouldn’t Play Game With Kim Jong Un

For decades, with both Democrats and Republicans in the White House, North Korea’s supremely brutal family dictatorship was able to get away with military blackmail. The U.S. response to Pyongyang’s saber rattling often was aid to the regime in the name of “engagement.”

Now, North Korean officials are at it again, saying they plan to restart shuttered atomic fuel plants to make more and better nuclear weapons. At the same time, they note, they will test new missiles.

Some analysts say it is a ploy to wring more assistance from Washington and other nations.

In a way, one cannot blame North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. He is watching closely as Iran reaps the fruit of President Barack Obama’s appeasement-at-any-price policy, after all.

But time and time again, Pyongyang has breached disarmament pacts. Surely even the Obama White House recognizes playing Kim’s game is certain to be a losing proposition.