Four Teens Charged In August Paintball Attack

WARREN, Pa. — Four Corry, Pa., teens are facing multiple charges for a paintball and slingshot attack that caused more than $800 in damages in Youngsville in August.

Youngsville, Pa., police filed charges against Alexie Gordon, 18, James Corbet, 18, Kyle Taylor, 18 and a 17-year-old juvenile for the incident that lasted from about 2:15 a.m. to 3 a.m. on Aug. 15.

Gordon was named by police as the owner and driver of a black 2011 Dodge Ram truck used during the incident. The three co-defendants were in the truck with Gordon, according to police.

While driving through the borough, the occupants of the truck shot paintballs at several parked vehicles, signs and people exiting bars, according to the police criminal complaint.

A few of the vehicles had cracked or broken windows which was caused by a slingshot owned by Gordon, the complaint states.

During the investigation police contacted 14 individuals who had their home or vehicle damaged during the incident. The damage is estimated at $858.50, according to police.

Police filed 14 counts of criminal mischief, 14 counts of propulsion of missiles onto a roadway, unlawful carrying of a paintball gun in a motor vehicle, disorderly conduct, conspiracy and three counts of corruption of minors.

Police received written and recorded statements from the four charged admitting to the offenses, according to the complaint.

According to court documents, Gordon, Corbet and Taylor are scheduled for a Dec. 5 preliminary hearing in district court.