Update (4:20 p.m.) Police Still Searching For Homicide Suspect

UPDATE (3:40 p.m.) Jamestown police reportedly are still searching for a suspect believed to be connected to a homicide shooting earlier this morning.

Jamestown SWAT members had entered a residence on Woodworth Avenue, though it wasn’t immediately clear the purpose of the entrance. It is reported the suspect was not inside.

Police have been looking for Keith Robbins, 36, who reportedly shot a victim, confirmed at Shari Robbins, this morning. Forensic personnel were at the scene of the shooting.

Robbins was described by police 5-feet, 8-inches tall, weighing 175 pounds with hazel eyes and blonde hair.

Jamestown schools, following a lockdown earlier, will dismiss students today as normal, school officials announced.

Keith Robbins

The full statement reads: “The lockdown in all Jamestown Public Schools established earlier today will be lifted for dismissal. While the homicide suspect has not yet been apprehended by the Jamestown Police Department, we believe he is most interested in hiding, so poses little danger to our students.  Our interest is in getting our students from the safety of our schools to the safety of their homes as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

“Today’s dismissal will occur at the usual times and follow our regular protocols.  That said, know that if you wish to pick up your child from school you may do so, but will need to be patient as the schools verify the identity of those making an emergency pick up.  Students are being allowed to call home to see if any special arrangements might be needed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this temporary emergency.”

Swanson added that the shooting doesn’t appear to be a random act. He declined to confirm whether the shooting was a homicide.