Green Up Jamestown Events To Begin Next Week

The Green-Up Jamestown Coalition event series is kicking off next week with a presentation by Becky Nystrom, Jamestown Community College professor.

Nystrom, biology professor and environmentalist, will host a presentation titled, “Earth Stewardship/Creation Care: Seeking Nature’s Truths through Science, Philosophy and Faith.” The program will take place in the newly remodeled undercroft at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

“The exquisitely wonderous tapestry of life weaves its ancient story of beauty, mystery and miracle in the fabric of time and space, and here we are in the midst of it all,” Nystrom said. “How shall we know this story? Faith, philosophy and science provide parallel paths of discovery as we seek to comprehend the immense complexity of nature’s physical realm and experience its sacred revelation of divine creativity.

“May we more intentionally seek to encounter and experience the wisdom of creation, learn its lessons, receive its blessings and better care for this precious blue planet and all who dwell upon it with a heart of gratitude.”

On March 7, James Colby, former Weeks Gallery director, will hold a presentation at 7 p.m. at St. Luke’s regarding what can be done at the present for the environment titled, “Visionary Earth Stewards and Environmental Triumphs: Now, What Can We Do in Our Homes, Communities and Planet?”

Colby said Earth’s ecosystems are complex, delicate and vulnerable and can use all the help they can get. He said the presentation will discuss heroic figures in the environmental movement such as Teddy Roosevelt, Rachael Carson, Gaylord Nelson, Lois Gibbs and the environmental legacies of Robert H. Jackson as well as Stan Lundine will also be looked at.

“What ecological disasters can we learn from?” Colby asked. “What solutions and political paths can we model? Does humankind have the will and wisdom to reinvent energy and waste policies to leave a sustainable world for the future generations? Clearly, we are called to demonstrate citizen and legislative excellence though unity of vision, collaboration, cooperation and innovation.”

The GreenUp Jamestown programs are non-sectarian, free and open to the public. Programs will run until May 3.

The event series will include panel discussions, exhibitions, ceremonies and other activities. A main feature of the upcoming series is what is called the “Pillar of Light” community project. The project will consist of 1,056 mason jars that will be assembled in a pillar. Each jar will be filled with the shredded submitted works of students and community members, which will then be lit with LED tube lights. The project will be on display in the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church sanctuary as part of the final event of the series on April 21, “The Earth Day Art Happening.”

GreenUp Jamestown began in 2016 and created a series of events to spark the interest of individuals from all walks of life in all areas.

The coalition continues this year and will host another series of events with the help of various entities within the community that have taken part in the coalition, including the Audubon Community Nature Center; Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy; Robert H. Jackson Center; Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History; Jamestown Renaissance Corporation and Jamestown Community College.

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