A story in Thursday’s edition of The Post-Journal about a Family Treatment Court graduation said invited speaker Tabitha Raynor, a graduate of the program, had been in an abusive relationship and suffered from a substance abuse problem. She was referred to the program based on co-dependency issues from a domestic violence relationship. Treatment court provided tools to help Ms. Raynor get into a professional pain management facility to prevent a future drug addiction based on a prior doctor’s over-prescription of pain management drugs. “I sought professional help to be referred to a proper pain management facility for alternative pain management therapy to prevent an addiction problem,” she told The Post-Journal on Thursday. Raynor credited the treatment court for reuniting her with her daughter. She also spoke about her daughter’s Taylnn’s current role as a consummate humanitarian in the community and how the Family Treatment Court deserves credit for fitting Raynor into the program since she was a unique case. “For the past three years, (Taylnn) has run a toy drive for kids with leukemia and long-term illnesses,” Raynor said. “She volunteers at the Salvation Army for 21 hours a year. She also volunteered at St. Susan (Center) and (Women and Children’s Hospital) of Buffalo. She is the outcome of this treatment court.”