Strong Tactics Offering Active Shooter Response Training

Airsoft guns that Sean Strong, Strong Tactics owner/instructor, uses during his active shooter response training course. Strong Tactics is headquartered in Western New York and will provide the training to individuals, schools, churches and businesses. P-J photos by Dennis Phillips

A retired SWAT and school resource officer wants to educate the public through active shooter response training.

Sean Strong is the owner and one of the instructors for Strong Tactics, which is headquartered in Western New York. Strong started his business last year to provide active shooter response training to individuals, schools, churches and businesses.

“This is about educating our public,” he said. “There are so many keys the public misses. A regular person misses these keys because they are not trained for it. I just want to keep our children safe and the public safe by having them be aware of what is around them. The more the public is trained in it and aware of it, the less likely it will happen. We need to take a stand against violence.”

The fire arms instructor and defense and tactics instructor, who also served in Iraq protecting dignitary motorcades, taught active shooter training throughout his career as a police officer. Strong’s training programs offer active shooter scenarios, weapon recognition, how to spot someone caring a concealed weapon, self defense and fight-or-flight response.

Strong said his team includes SWAT and retired SWAT officers, as well as other highly trained individuals. He said in some training programs they use airsoft pistols so people can replicate the feeling of firing a gun.

Sean Strong, Strong Tactics owner/ instructor, displaying one of the airsoft pistols he uses in his active shooter response training course. The airsoft gun is used to simulate the feeling of holding and firing a real pistol.

Strong said he will provide the equipment necessary to offer the training anywhere in the United States. He said the business provides the training onsite for the client so individuals can be taught real life scenarios at a location that they know and where they are familiar with the surroundings.

“The seminar is well beyond other active shooter trainings,” he said. “Our goal is to prepare every community to fight against the violence that is disrupting our everyday lives. By taking our courses, you will be better prepared if a tragedy occurs in your workplace, church, school, or personal life.”

Strong Tactics will be providing an active shooter training seminar at the Chautauqua Suites, 215 W. Lake Road in Mayville Friday, March 16. The cost is $110 a person, lunch will be provides. Order before Friday, March 9, to receive 10 percent off ticket price.

For more information, call (814) 230-8262 or visit