Mall Stores Accepting PJ Donations

From left are Cynde Johnson, Chautauqua Mall marketing director; Kathy Park, CASA director of volunteers and programming; Amanda Daniels, store manager of Justice; Carrie Rinehart, CASA director of fund development and communications; and Kelly Maunakza, store manager JCPenney.

LAKEWOOD — Stores in the Chautauqua Mall are accepting donations for children in foster care.

Bon Ton, JCPenney, Justice and Dipson Theatres are among the stores with items that can be purchased to support the effort.

“There is just so much we take for granted, like a new pair of pajamas — some of these children have never seen clothing with brand new tags on them in their 12-plus years of life,” said Cynde Johnson, Chautauqua Mall marketing director. “We can help bring them warmth and joy this holiday season.”

Those who make pajama donations at the Dipson Theatres Cinema I & II will receive a gift card for a small popcorn. Collections are also accepted at the mall management office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The program will run through December.

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