John Hemmer Announces County Legislature Re-Election Bid


John Hemmer is seeking re-election for a fourth term to the Chautauqua County Legislature representing District 19, which includes Ripley and Westfield.

His candidacy is endorsed by the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties. His primary goals are: to work with fellow legislators to reduce property taxes without eliminating essential services; promote Chautauqua County’s natural beauty and many attractions to encourage tourism; boost the economy by helping to create a business-friendly atmosphere and infrastructure that will attract new business to our area; evaluate county government to eliminate duplication of services; support public and private coalition of services for substance abuse prevention and treatment; and continue to encourage state legislators to eliminate unfunded mandates.

Hemmer serves as chairman of the Public Facilities Committee, which oversees county roads, bridges, property, buildings and the landfill. He is a member of the Chautauqua County Land Bank Board, an organization which has rehabilitated properties with potential and demolish those beyond repair to improve neighborhoods; increase property values and rightsize housing stock in Jamestown, Dunkirk and across Chautauqua County. He is the legislative representative to the Chautauqua Cooperative Extension Board. Cornell Cooperative Extension supports agriculture, the biggest business in the county, with tools to make farmers more efficient and profitable. The extension’s offerings also include the 4-H Program, which challenges young men and women to work on projects that enable them to set and accomplish goals which help to develop their self-esteem and sense of pride.

Hemmer and his parents, Kenneth and Dorothy Hemmer, came to Westfield in 1952. Upon graduation from Westfield Academy and Central School and Alfred University, Hemmer began his employment career with Johnson Controls, then Renold Inc., and finally with the Chautauqua Department of Public Facilities. The latter providing him with a unique understanding of the county’s infrastructure.

He and his wife Marilyn, a Westfield native, own and operate a 17 acre grape vineyard in Westfield. They have two sons, Brett of Lincoln University, Pa., the network systems administrator for Hilyard’s Business Solutions Inc., and Michael of Baltimore, a practice leader for the United States Census Bureau.

Hemmer is a member of the Westfield Town Planning Board, the Concord Grape Heritage Association and the Westfield Moose. He and Marilyn Hemmer are involved in volunteer work for the Chautauqua County Historical Society, Westfield Memorial Hospital, Westfield Beautification, and “Christmas in Westfield A, Dickens Holiday,” and the Westfield Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. He attends St. Dominic Catholic Church in Westfield where he is a Lector and member of the Knights of Columbus.

“It is a privilege to serve as County Legislator representing the fine people of the communities of Ripley and Westfield,” Hemmer said. “Presently, we have a unique group of legislators who work together very diligently, regardless of their party affiliation, to make decisions and promote programs that are in the best interest of our County. I enjoy working with them and for the people of our county. I have gained knowledge and experience as a legislator for the last six years. Our legislature has made great strides; however, there are more challenges ahead. I would like the opportunity to once again be a part of the group that works to resolve these challenges and continues to improve and elevate Chautauqua County. I appreciate those of you who have contacted me in the past with your questions, concerns and innovative ideas. Hearing your input has enabled me to function more efficiently as your legislator.”