Thule Lodge Holds Annual Swedish ‘Egg-Sexa’

At the recent Thule Lodge Swedish Easter meal, the table of food was prepared by Gloria Anderson, Bernice Veights and Stephanie Buccola.

BEMUS POINT – The Thule Lodge, 4123 Pancake Hill Road, recently held its annual Swedish Easter meal, known as “egg-sexa.”

The Swedish term means foods made with eggs. The Thule Lodge, which is in its 110th year of being in the area, was formed to help the Swedish immigrants settle when they arrived with housing, employment and being a social club. The Thule Lodge serves to preserve the Swedish heritage through events and activities. Thule Lodge is part of the international Vasa Order, which is 120 years old.

Thule Lodge’s chairman is Tom Eckberg and the vice chairman is Susan Washington Sipos. Chaplain is Diane K. Shaw and secretary is Lynne Meyers. Loretta Smith serves as the financial person, and keeper of financial records. John Sipos is the lodge historian, now for 18 years.

At the recent meal, ham and limpa bread were served, along with three kinds of cheeses, scalloped potatoes, beets, pickled herring, hard boiled eggs potato salad, vegetables and many kinds of cookies. Preparing the table were Gloria Anderson, Bernice Veights and Stephanie Buccola.

At the recent gathering, Eckberg welcomed all and historian Sipos led all in the pledge of allegiance. Shaw gave the invocation at the beginning of the meeting, and the blessing prior to the meal.

Sonja Pascatore, lodge cultural leader, read some things for which Sweden is famous, such as having the world’s largest moose population. Sweden also has a universal health plan, the people speak perfect English, has the largest ice hotel, in March had the fastest car (273 mph) and is second in the world for organic foods.

The next meeting of the lodge will be on Thursday, May 25, at 7 p.m. at the lodge. The meeting will be the annual memorial service to remember those lodge members who have died in the past year. The memorial service will be conducted by vice chairman Susan Sipos and Shaw. Family members are welcome to attend.

Thule Lodge welcomes new members.