Tailor Opens New Shop In Ashville

Deb Manning of Deb’s Tailor Shop has opened her new location to the public. Manning sews and hems as well as makes custom fabric pieces. P-J photo by William Mohan

ASHVILLE – A local tailor shop that has called Chautauqua County home for more than two decades is open for business again.

Deb’s Tailor Shop reopened at a new location in Ashville and owner Deb Manning plans on returning to work at the new location full time.

Manning previously worked in mechanical engineering, but has been in the tailoring industry for more than 40 years. Manning also said that even before she opened the shop she had a passion for sewing, hemming and tailoring.

Deb’s Tailor Shop has been open for 25 years in three locations including the current one in Ashville. Manning’s motivations to start the business were simple.

“I just found a location,” she said.

The first location was in Jamestown near the Sixth Street bridge. Her second location was in downtown Lakewood, which she closed.

Both locations were maintained for 12 years each. In April 2018, she decided to move the store into a new location.

Previously she had not opened her new location to the public. She was also operating the shop on a part-time basis.

“I decided to open a new location full time,” Manning said.

The result was the current store on Route 474 in Ashville.

Throughout all this time, Manning has maintained her customer base as well as her logo and name.

“I have never changed the name (of the store),” Manning said. “Everyone knows me.”

The services at Deb’s Taylor Shop range from clothing and upholstery to custom cloth creations. Manning said there is no fabric she can’t sew together with needles, threads or machines.

Manning’s works on all general clothing including dresses, gowns, formal wear and men’s clothing.

For men’s clothing, Manning also goes further to provide customer satisfaction.

“I will beat any altering prices of other men’s clothing stores,” she said.

Manning’s offers small upholstery work, cushion recovery and window treatments. Manning said that the shop can also add patches to jackets, vests and similar pieces.

The shop is currently excepting requests for this year’s prom season.

To arrange for services call or text 763-3272 or email debstailorshop@gmail.com. Deb’s-Tailor Shop can also be found on Facebook. The business is located at 4845 Route 474 in Ashville. The shop is located in the All American Karate School building across the street from the Ashville General Store. Regular hours will be announced on the shop’s Facebook page.