Urban Spin Opens In Lakewood

Urban Spin in Lakewood provides people of all abilities with a fun environment for a cardio workout. The indoor cycling facility is run by business partners Calin Preiss, Melanie Berg and Joe Walsh. They also run Forge Health and Performance in Lakewood. Submitted photo Urban Spin 3-

LAKEWOOD — A new indoor cycling studio is bringing an experience unlike any other to people of all abilities.

Urban Spin opened its doors to the public in January at 110 Mall Blvd. in Lakewood across from Chautauqua Mall. With 15 stationary bikes and LED lights in sync to music, Urban Spin encourages the community not only to get healthy, but to have fun.

The facility started with business partners Calin Preiss, Joe Walsh and Melanie Berg, who’s a class instructor. The three also own Forge Health and Performance, which is located at 141 Chautauqua Ave. in Lakewood.

”We knew Scott and Lynn (Smith) and we had heard that they were selling Urban Cycling, so we thought we’d jump on the opportunity,” Berg said. ”We wanted to take the opportunity to help the community and create a fun environment for people to do cardio.”

Berg said people of all skill levels are welcome, and it’s a fun way to get cardio in that isn’t as demanding on the body like running a 5K.

Urban Spin is open on Mall Boulevard in Lakewood. The indoor cycling facility offers 15 stationary bikes and a club-like atmosphere with LED lights in sync to the music. Submitted photo

”It’s just a little better on the body,” she said. ”There’s strength building as you can add resistance to your bike. It’s just a real fun atmosphere where you can go in and cycle 45 minutes to an hour depending on who does the class. It’s basically any level, and you ride at your own pace.”

Classes are offered seven days a week and run in the morning, day and evening. Berg said they have 18 classes on the schedule for people to look at and try out.

”We pride ourselves in setting people up properly to prevent injury,” Berg said. ”We take our time and measure the angle of your length and make sure you’re not too extended and whatnot. Along with a fun riding environment, we’re making sure we have a safe riding environment as well.”

The reception has been positive since Urban Spin opened its doors, Berg said.

”People seem to enjoy the atmosphere,” she said.

For more information about Urban Spin, classes and schedules, visit urbanspin716.com or visit their Facebook page.