JHS Senior’s Interest In Robotics Leads To Career Path

Andrew Roof

Jamestown High School senior Andrew Roof’s interest in robotics and engineering has paved the way for his college and career choices – creating robotic prosthetics that work with the nervous system to help people who have lost the use of an arm or leg.

“I have always had fun taking things apart and putting them back together, even as a child,” Andrew said. “There is something about robotics that appeals to kids and I seem to be good at it and really love working on it.”

Andrew loves it so much he is currently taking Robotics Engineering I at Jamestown High School. The focus of this course is on the design, construction and programming of robots. This includes robots that walk, grasp, play music, sense direction and have an “intelligence” about them. Strong math and science skills are required for this course along with an aptitude for design and function. This course teaches real-world robotic technology using LEGO Mindstorms. Andrew also plans to take JHS’ Robotics Engineering II, which focuses on structural engineering, physics, power and adaptation of a product for multiple applications. Speed, thrust, force, scale, power, energy, acceleration, inertial and Empirical Law are a few of the components for which the design and application of projects will be based on. The programming software used is “Labview,” which is the same software used by NASA.

The robotics courses are part of the JHS’ Academy of Pre-Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology. This academy is for those who are mechanically inclined or enjoy designing and creating hands-on solutions. Students might be interested in emerging technologies, repairing cars, wiring electrical circuits, or doing woodworking. Some classes include: CAD/Advanced CAD, Digital Electronics, Principles of Engineering, Small Engine Repair and Welding.

“I think it’s so important that JHS has classes like robotics for students as the technology field is the fastest growing field. If you have a mechanical engineering degree or just want to work in a technology field, you are very likely to get a job,” Andrew said. “It’s the future, so having these classes during high school helps us get a head start on a if we might like this field as a potential career.”

Andrew has enjoyed many of his courses at JHS, including all his math and sciences courses.

“I loved my math classes as you use Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus in my science courses and in robotics,” Andrew said. “Physics and chemistry will also definitely help me in engineering major. I loved AT Chemistry as it was a lot of fun and just a cool class.”

In addition to his academic schedule, Andrew is the drum major of the Jamestown High School Marching Band, a member of A Cappella Choir and Madrigal Singers and performed in the JHS School Musical.

Based on Andrew’s drive and focus, we think he will be a success in any path he chooses.