RTPI To Host July 10 Book Signing With Local Author, Hank Danielson

Hank and Julie Anderson

In his new book entitled “Island People: Finding Our Way,” local author Hank Danielson chronicles growing up in Lakewood, teaching with his wife Julie in all black Alabama schools, and serving in the Peace Corps in central Africa. As Danielson describes, “The post was remote, a day by ship from the mainland and it was 5,000 Africans, and us. We taught in a two-room school, 80 kids, 40 to a class, two to a desk. There were no discipline problems, ever.” He went on to say, “There were crocodiles and poisonous snakes around. We even had a green mamba in the house for ten days. We could hear him crawl on the other side of the ceiling, but never saw him except when he went in and later out of our house. Our adventures were many, but we grew very fond of our African neighbors. They were caring and wonderful people. We were amazed at how like us they were. We became so fond of them.”

Eventually the couple returned home to Ashville, N.Y., to teach in Jamestown and Southwestern public schools. Soon thereafter, they took up sailing and have since had many adventures on the Great Lakes and at sea. In the author’s words, “Of course the book focuses on the misadventures along the way, along with the successes. Basically, it is a book about the warm and caring people one finds in our world. It is about opening doors rather than building walls.”

RTPI invites you for a meet-and-greet and book signing with the Danielsons on Tuesday, July 10 at 7 p.m. This program is free and open to the public. For more information call RTPI at 665-2473 or visit www.rtpi.org. RTPI is located at 311 Curtis St. in Jamestown.