Trinity To Welcome Nationally Touring Guitarist Corey Congilio In Guitar Clinic

Corey Congilio, a Nashville-based and nationally touring recording artist, will visit Jamestown’s Trinity Guitars on Thursday, Aug. 24, for a clinic focusing on the Martin Guitar company. Submitted photo

A nationally touring guitarist will visit Trinity Guitars next week to discuss the history and instruments crafted by one of America’s oldest guitar companies.

Corey Congilio, a Nashville-based artist, will give a clinic and mini-performance at Trinity Guitars on Thursday, Aug. 24, from 6:30-8 p.m. — during which the Martin Guitar company will be a main focal point.

As a licensed distributor of Martin guitars, Trinity will host Congilio as part of his tour of various guitar shops throughout the nation known as “The Martin Experience.” Congilio, a Martin-sponsored artist, will discuss the past, present and future ambitions of the Martin company, and give a brief three- to five-song performance to showcase the sonic quality of its guitars.

“Martin Guitars has been around for 184 years, since 1833; and it’s really great to show how Martin has influenced music, music has influenced Martin and how innovative they were,” Congilio said. “One of the things that’s great about holding these clinics in smaller towns is that there’s always a nice, devoted fanbase with regard to the Martin stuff. It’s great to connect with people who have a passion for the instruments that we’re working with.

“Everybody who plays a Martin has their own personal Martin story, and we love to hear those stories because it keeps the passion alive for such an iconic brand. It’s a real American institution.”

Congilio added that The Martin Experience is also noteworthy for its inclusion of custom, extremely limited Martin models — many of which were limited to fewer than 10 guitars in total.

“One of the most enjoyable things for me is that they provide me with these guitars to demonstrate on, but I never know what I’ll be playing until I open up the case. It’s always a surprise,” Congilio said.

Bill Ward of Trinity Guitars said the 800 W. Third St. guitar store always enjoys visits from Martin Guitar reps.

“It’s always a fantastic experience to have the folks from the historic Martin Guitar factory here because they bring their wealth of knowledge as well as some really cool custom guitars and stuff,” Ward said. “It’s especially great to have Corey here. Martin always brings great artists, but Corey Congilio is really at the top of his game. For him to take time out of his touring schedule and recording schedule to come to Trinity Guitars is a pretty special gift.”

Trinity will offer a special on strings during the clinic whereby anyone who purchases a set of Martin strings will also receive a free set of SP Lifespan Strings.

Reservations are preferred but not required, and can be made by calling 665-4490 and leaving a message or by emailing For more information, find “Corey Congilio – The Martin Experience / Jamestown, NY” on Facebook.