Southwestern Boys, C/S/P Girls Shine At McQuaid

Southwestern’s boys cross country team is pictured after finishing second in the Boys Varsity A-1 race at the McQuaid Invitational in Rochester on Saturday. Submitted photo

ROCHESTER — Southwestern’s boys and Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s girls turned in memorable performances at the 57th McQuaid Invitational held Saturday at Genesee Valley Park.

The Trojans took second in the Boys Varsity A-1 race with 152 points, led by second-place individual finisher Nate Lewis in 15:53.6. Trey Faulk was eighth, Donavin Brown was 25th, Lukas Svenson was 56th and Sam Kautzman was 68th.

The Wolfpack took second in the Girls Varsity A-2 race with 127 points, led by 14th-place Tess Flikkema in 19:44.5. Hannah Schauman was 18th, Leighanne Swan was 34th, Haley Odell was 41st and Caitlyn Kriner was 55th.

Frewsburg finished fifth in the Boys Varsity A-2 race with 259 points, led by 25th-place Juvenal Diaz in 16:46.8. Micah Barber was 29th, Cody Kent was 32nd, Xander Pitts was 46th and Jacob Sears was 153rd.

Maple Grove was fifth behind C/S/P in the Girls Varsity A-2 race with 213 points, led by 23rd-place Allison Bohall in 20:12.2. Lizzi Lai was 52nd, Lily Ellis was 57th, Presley Haines was 63rd and Evalyn Fessell was 74th.

The Trojans’ Emma Lewis is pictured, center, after taking third in the Girls Varsity A-1 race. Submitted photo

Jamestown finished sixth in the Boys Varsity AAA race with 235 points, led by 30th-place Maxwell Knight in 17:00.2. Owen Caswell was 34th, Tyler Zwald was 38th, Lucas Arnone was 71st and Julian Himes was 79th.

Maple Grove was ninth behind Frewsburg in the Boys Varsity A-2 race with 360 points, led by 19th-place Ethan Verbosky in 16:33.5. Sean Verbosky was 42nd, Ben Cornell was 53rd, Jacob Lewis was 125th and Josh Ashbaugh was 161st.

Southwestern finished 12th in the Girls Varsity A-1 race with 435 points, led by third-place Emma Lewis in 18:01.5. Lucy Brown was 27th, Lexi Lundmark was 60th, Lucy Colburn was 199th and Grace Anderso was 252nd.

Back in the Boys Varsity A-2 race, Gowanda was 21st with 581 points, led by 82nd-place Drew Shull in 17:57.8. Jayson Twoguns was 99th, Chase Bolen was 110th, Dustin Mohawk was 147th and Mason Wilson was 219th.

Clymer/Sherman/Panama was 28th with 743 points, led by 39th-place Lucas Dunnewold in 17:03.7. Max Guzman was 141st, Ben Cooke was 172nd, Kody Howard was 251st and Ishmael Martin-Lacayo as 257th.

Clymer/Sherman/Panama finished second in the Girls Varsity 2-A race at the McQuaid Invitational on Saturday in Rochester. Submitted photo

Franklinville/Ellicottville was 46th with 1,219 points, led by 58th-place Grant Cornell in 17:35.4. Jackson Hatch was 313th, Aiden Murray was 325th, Dominic Breton was 392nd and Jesse Riling was 408th.

Back in the Boys Varsity A-1 race, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley was 27th with 731 points, led by 71st-place Jaden Binkley in 17:56.5. Jase Smith was 94th, Gavyen Wood was 167th, Brent Troutman was 223rd and Christian Hernandez was 224th.

Silver Creek/Forestville was 47th with 1,202 points, led by 209th-place Josh Press in 19:54.1. Aidan Jamison was 250th, Nathan Cross was 267th, Benjamin Bock was 298th and Dean League was 307th.

Jamestown’s Myah Crossley was 67th in the Girls Varsity AAA race with a time of 22:07.0. Addison Zahn was 72nd, Nolah Hamilton was 87th and Hannah Lutgen was 114th.

Frewsburg’s Teghan Trocki was 123rd in the Girls Varsity A-2 race with a time of 22:28.1.

Randolph’s Gracyn Rowland was 85th in the Girls Varsity AA race with a time of 21:24.2. Leah Olejniczak was 167th, Ryann Rowland was 190th and Sierra Smith was 198th.

Randolph’s Rhys Kelly placed 189th in the Boys Varsity AA race with a time of 19:09.6.

Back in the Girls Varsity A-2 race, Gowanda was 19th with 607 points, led by 36th-place Autumn Pupo in 20:49.3. Calie Hudson was 101st, Helena Wallschlaeger was 212th, Kailyn Farner was 256th and Alhanna Gabel was 265th.

In the Girls Varsity A-1 race, Fredonia/Westfield was 35th with 924 points, led by 161st-place Brooke Luce in 23:02.8. Emily McCann was 202nd, Mikaylee Baliya was 274th, Allison Hellwig was 282nd and Silvana Konegni was 286th.

Individually, Salamanca’s Ryanna Brady was 41st in the Girls Varsity A-1 race with a time of 20:05.6. Silver Creek/Forestville’s Emily Bowers was 110th in 21:49.7, Melanie Wilson was 144th and Amber Lockwood was 179th. Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Addison Pierce was 240th in 24:37.7 and teammate Marcella Seekings was one spot behind in 241st. Miranda Wilcox was 295th and Anasastia Sheldon was 319th.


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