Adult Curling

Northwest Arena recently hosted Week 6 of Backyard Curling, sponsored by Dot’s Gift Boutique.


The two Pepsi teams took over the top spot of the league, as they both went 2-0 this week, as the Rockstar-Z knocked off Curling Me Softly, 36-35, and Stone Cold Curlers, 27-25, as they were led by Fred Pellerito and Kellie Warner. The Banger-Z defeated Scuba Crew, 45-40, and CurlRona, 39-17, with Jamie Billquist and Greg Storms leading the way. Legion of Broom opened up their night with a 31-23 victory over Stone Cold Curlers as Adam Irgang was the outstanding curler. CurlRona started out their night with a victory over Shoeless Joe’s Pub, 46-39, with strong play from Scott Mekus. Curling Me Softly secured a victory over Legion of Broom, 38-34, thanks to strong play from Travis Fye and Patrick Wilson. Shoeless Joe’s Pub continued their winning ways as they defeated Scuba Crew, 44-33, as Theresa Jackson was their first star.


Mary’s Smooth Red Curlers jumped up into a tie for first place as they defeated Rolling Stones, 41-34, and On the Rocks, 35-21, with outstanding play coming from David Lobb and Todd Conklin. Also going 2-0 were The Outsliders as they defeated Stone Cold, 25-20, and Joe’s Slammers, 44-29, as Jordan Coccagnia and Drew Rinaldo were their top curlers. Always Late, but Worth the Wait also defeated Rolling Stones, 40-27, as Miguel Colon led the way. On the Rocks knocked off The Late Crew, 42-29, with their top curler being Cameron Smith. Joe’s Slammers pulled out a close one defeating Short & Curly, 43-42, with Dan Tota and Julie Fenton showing their curling prowess. Short & Curly bounced back with a 34-24 win over Stone Cold with Sam Stewart leading the way.



Both TRCurlers and Rocks on, Rocks off moved up in the standings, with two wins apiece this week. TRCurlers defeated Merrill Lynch Cirls, 44-41, and Golfers on Ice, 51-39, as they were led by Kevin Anderson. Rocks on, Rocks off secured their two wins over Golfers on Ice, 33-32, and Home Despots, 26-15, behind strong play from Jim Cama. Going 1-1 on the night, was Home Despots and Merrill Lynch Cirls, as they both earned wins over Hindy’s Hurlers, 35-19, and, 35-21, respectively, behind strong play from Casey Colburn and Darla Nelson.



Sky Rocketeers earned two victories over Paving Ice, 47-21, and The Cremators, 40-39, with Jason Britt and Dave Barber being the top curlers. The Cremators bounced back with a win over, Jamestown Hammers, 38-30, with Scott Nelson and Jim Cowan leading the way. Lewis and Lewis pulled off a win over Curls Gone Wild, 27-24, receiving outstanding play from Cathy Panebianco. Paving Ice bounced back with a victory over Jamestown Hammers, 20-9, as Dylan Matteson led the way. Curls Gone Wild upended Throwing Stones, 54-44, as Steve Ryberg was their top curler. Rob Gray from Throwing Stones was too much to handle as they defeated Brush Offs, 31-13, in their second game.



Dot’s Gift Boutique took back sole possession of first place with their 2-0 week, by defeating Ready to Rock, 40-18, and The Oldies, but Goodies, 26-19, as they received outstanding play from Rob Loll. Curl Power also recorded two wins, as they bested Peterson’s Candies/Neil’s Propane, 51-38, and New Kicks, 17-6, with Jenn Scolton and Summer Wolcott showing their curling prowess. All going 1-1 this week were: The Joly Riches, as they also defeated New Kicks, 32-12, as they were led by Martin Rich; Ready to Rock knocked off Rolling Rocks, 32-25, as Kelly Dawson was the smooth curler; The Oldies bounced back with a 37-26 win over the Rocks with Bruce Fagerstrom being the leading curler; Peterson’s Candies/Neil’s Propane earned a victory by defeating The Joly Riches, 35-32, as Eric Scolton was their first star.


There is a four-way tie for first place after this week of play, with all four teams going 2-0. Harvii Curlers knocked off Freezerburn, 43-38, and The Chestnuts, 46-45, as they were led by rookie Evan Rodgers. Fruit of the Brooms picked up two wins over We’ve Got the Stones, 38-34, and the Elks Club, 35-21, with Steve Cramer being the top curler. Also going 2-0, was the Seminar Group with wins over Sweeping Beauties, 32-30, and We’ve Got the Stones, 46-34, as they received outstanding play from Rob White and Peter Stark. Laura Snow carried Justin Other Team to two victories over the Button Mashers, 37-31, and Freezerburn, 31-22. The Chestnuts topped The Baby Broomers, 48-44, with Peter and Holly Sullivan doing some outstanding stickwork for the win. The Broomers bounced back with a 44-40 win over 4 Below Haggy’s Bar & Grille as Linda and Bucky Lombardo were their leading curlers. 4 Below Haggy’s Bar & Grille started out the night with a win over the Elks Club, 38-31, with Terry Garvin showing his curling prowess. Sweeping Beauties went 1-1 on the night with a 37-18 win over The Mashers, as Beth Snow led the way.


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