Chautauqua Striders AC Honors Area’s Top Runners

From the left are Greg Brink and Judy Porpiglia, Masters overall winners, and Brooke Adams and Shawn Wiler, overall Open winners of the Chautauqua Striders Athletic Club 2019 Runner of the Year Series. Submitted photo

Several individuals were recently honored for their accomplishments in the Chautauqua Striders Athletic Club 2019 Runner of the Year Series, presented by UPMC Chautauqua, and the 2020 Winter 5K Series.

The banquet was held at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel.

The 2019 Runner of the Year Series consisted of 15 races. Individuals accumulated points by placing in their age group, overall and masters (40-pus) categories. Their points from their top-10 races were tallied to decide their place.

The Masters overall winners are Greg Brink and Judy Porpiglia. The overall Open winners are Brooke Adams and Shawn Wiler. The age-group winners can be found below.

The 2020 Winter 5K Series was hosted at Chautauqua Harbor Hotel and included a total of five races with scoring based on age grading. Runners had to compete in at least four of the five races to be eligible for points and overall placement.

Above are the top finishers from the 2020 Winter 5K Series. From the left, including their finishes, are Judy Porpiglia (third), Doc Rappole (first), Mike Vaillancourt (fifth), Harold Reynolds (ninth), Katie Zwald (second), Adam Rowe (eighth) & Jeff Carlson (sixth). Missing are Irv King (fourth), R.G. Witchey (seventh), Acacia Barber (10th). Submitted photo Missing from picture: Irv King (4), R.G. Witchey (7), Acacia Barber (10)

The top finishers are Judy Porpiglia, third; Doc Rappole, first; Mike Vaillancourt, fifth; Harold Reynolds, ninth; Katie Zwald, second; Adam Rowe, eighth; Jeff Carlson, sixth; Irv King, fourth, R.G. Witchey, seventh; and Acacia Barber, 10th.

Due to restrictions from the current COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was made to suspend the 2020 Runner of the Year Series for the safety and well-being of everyone. Races that were included in the original plans for 2020 will be given first priority to be included in 2021.

2019 Runner of the Year Series


15-19: 1. Lily League, 2. Hannah Lillie, 2. Hannah Sullivan, 3. Claire Crossley.

20-24: 1. Page Parmenter, 2. Kirstie Hanson.

25-29: 1. Katie Zwald, 2. Emily Goerke, 3. Tress Williams, 3. Kaitlin Gage.

30-34: 1. Lexie Schosek, 2. Alicia Ekstrom, 3. Rebecca Allen.

35-39: 1. Holly Griffith, 2. Nichelle Carlberg, 3. Corinne Skeels.

40-44: 1. Karen Stangl, 2. Allison Carrow, 3. Rosanne Carr.

45-49: 1. Sherri McCall, 2. Mindy Lawson-Crabtree, 3. Tracy Kelly, 3. Aurelia Taylor.

50-54: 1. Kathy Gustafson, 2. Julie Parmenter, 3. Cindy Steele.

55-59: 1. Ann More, 2. Nancy Belz, 3. Emmy Desaulniers.

60-64: 1. Judy Rowe, 2. Marilyn Wright, 3. Barbara Garland.

65-69: 1. Stacey Curry, 2. Mary Nelson, 3. Cathleen Berner.

70-plus: 1. Mac MacKenzie, 2. Judy Mowery.


15-19: 1. Anthony Ruiz, 2. Dagon Bryant, 3. Collin Barmore.

20-24: 1. Alexander Reynolds.

25-29: 1. Mitchell Gage.

30-34: 1. Robert Aucoin, 2. Michael Ekstrom, 3. Matt Langworthy.

35-39: 1. Adam Rowe, 2. Rich Morton, 3. Bryce Kovel.

40-44: 1. Cory Feneran,, 2. Jay Oste, 3. Steve Sek.

45-49: 1. Paul Rhinehart, 2. Christopher Hawes, 2. Bradley Johnson.

50-54: 1. Tom Rankin, 2. Jeff Rupp, 2. Grant Vincent

55-59: 1. John Gustafson 2. Mark Desaulniers, 2. Tim Hewitt, 3. Mike Vaillancourt.

60-64: 1. Tim Gribbin, 2. R.G. Witchey Jr., 3. Joe Campbell.

65-69: 1. Jeff Carlson, 2. Timo Geiger, 3. Tom Meka.

70-plus: 1. John Samuelson, 2. Harry O’Hara, 3. Richard Betts.


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