‘It’s Been Terrific’

Standout Performances Abound At Randolph CS

RANDOLPH — Rayven Sample had an evening to remember.

The junior, representing Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, was named the boys Most Outstanding Track Athlete after winning the 200 and 400 meters and helping the record-setting 4×800 relay and also the 4×400 relay run to victory at the Golden Falcon Invitational on Friday night.

“It’s something we’ve been thinking would happen for some time now,” said meet director Mike LeBaron, who also serves as the Golden Cougars’ girls coach. “(Sample) is really starting to shine with the work that he’s been doing. We’re not surprised, but we’re glad to see it’s finally happening.

“What helps Rayven is he’s surrounded by 10 other guys, and all they do is run in the offseason. (Part of the reason for) Rayven’s accomplishments is the guys he’s working with.”

Sample posted a time of 23.70 in the 200 and 51.30 in the 400. Joining him in the relays were Collin Barmore, Connor Hudson and Bryce Baglia in the 4×800 (8:12.68), and Baglia, Austin Johns and Barmore in the 4×400 (3:32.52).

Jamestown’s Giovana Calamunci shows her winning form in the 100 hurdles. P-J photo by Alex Shipherd

Several other area athletes put in strong efforts and were rewarded for them.

Emily Brown of Fredonia was named the girls Most Outstanding Track Athlete after first-place efforts in the 2,000 steeplechase with a state super-standard time of 7:12.80 and the 400 intermediate hurdles in 1:07.60.

The outstanding boys and girls field athletes were Cooper Pannes of Southwestern after posting wins in the shot (47-1¢) and discus (139-2), and Rachael Ward after claiming the pole vault with a state super standard height of 11-6.

Meanwhile, Maple Grove’s Darius Jones tripled, claiming the 110 hurdles (15:45), the 400 hurdles (59.57) and the pole vault (12-0); and Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Samantha Gilbert doubled in the 100 (12.8) and the triple jump (33-1¢).

The Joe Paterniti Sportsmanship Awards were presented to Barmore of Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, and Hannah Lillie of Southwestern.

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Rayven Sample sprints to the finish in the 200 meters. P-J photo by Alex Shipherd

The invitational was held at Randolph because the athletic facility at Falconer is under construction.

“If it wasn’t for Paul Steward and Randolph Central School, we wouldn’t have had this meet,” LeBaron said. “It’s been terrific.”

Golden Falcon Invitational Results

Girls 2000-meter steeplechase: Emily Brown (Fredonia), Hannah Lillie (Southwestern), Emma Pocobello (Cattaraugus-Little Valley), Summer Harper (Cattaraugus-Little Valley), Leighanne Swan (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). T– 7:12.80.

Boys 3000 steeplechase: Alexander Hillyard (East Aurora), Dagon Bryant (Southwestern), Gavin McPherson (East Aurora), Joey Pillittieri (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Chase Deponceau (Jamestown). T–10:23.68.

Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s John Swabik competes in the long jump. P-J photo by Alex Shipherd

Girls 4×800 relay: East Aurora (Celia Cocca, Ava Danieu, Megan McLaughlin, Karis Ertel), Maple Grove, Southwestern, Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Silver Creek. T–9:52.62.

Boys 4×800 relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Rayven Sample, Collin Barmore, Connor Hudson, Bryce Baglia), East Aurora, Portville, Southwestern, Gowanda. T–8:12.68 (meet record).

Girls 100 hurdles: Giovana Calamunci (Jamestown), Kyle Schnars (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Elsa Gruber (Maple Grove), Kayla Allen (Southwestern), Grace Lundmark (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley). T–16:54.

Boys 110 hurdles: Darius Jones (Maple Grove), Carson Crist (Maple Grove), John Swabik (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Jaden Kinnear (Southwestern), Jordan Svetz (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). T–15:45.

Girls 100: Samantha Gilbert (Falconer), Jereicha Petrella (Dunkirk), Cassidy Allen (Southwestern), Allison Stockwell (Jamestown), Cydney Amoroso (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). T–12:86.

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Samantha Gilbert competes in the 100-meter dash. P-J photo by Alex Shipherd

Boys 100: Joell Colon (Fredonia), Francisco Rodriguez (Jamestown), Jaiden Mckoy (Jamestown), James Deley (portville), Ryan Jafarjian (Westfield). T–11.56.

Girls 1500: Ava Crist (Maple Grove), Ashlyn Collins (Olean), Carling Lockwood (Maple Grove), Hannah Sullivan (Southwestern), Acacia Barber (Frewsburg). T–5:04.70.

Boys 1600: Nicholas Ebling (East Aurora), Ronan McDonald (Randolph), Jack Carlson (Fredonia), Diego Rey (Fredonia), Collin Barmore (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley)). T–4:35.02.

Girls 4×100 relay: Jamestown (Holly Isaacson, Quentasia Leeper, Allison Stockwell, Giovana Calmunci), Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Silver Creek, Olean, Southwestern. T–52.91.

Boys 4×100 relay: Portville (Brad Beemer, James Daley, Alex Wenke, Jayden Lassiter), Fredonia, Olean, Southwestern, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley. T–45.74.

Southwestern's Eddie Scroxton sprints to the finish in the 800. P-J photo by Alex Shipherd

Girls 400: Jericha Petrella (Dunkirk), Olivia Ranalli (East Aurora), Mackenzie Gratto (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Isabella Gilmore (Chautauqua Lake), Kaylee Constantino (Frewsburg). T–1:00.24.

Boys 400: Rayven Sample (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Riley Auer (Maple Grove), Josh Walters (Randolph), Marcus Kautzman (Southwester), Oliver Madariaga (Fredonia). T–51.30.

Girls 400 hurdles: Emily Brown (Fredonia), Celia Cocca (East Aurora), Amelia Brown (Chautauqua Lake), Katja Kranzo (Southwestern), Samantha Annis (Frewsburg). T–1:07.60.

Boys 400 hurdles: Darius Jones (Maple Grove), Jaden Kinnear (Southwestern), Nathan Hill (Jamestown), Garrett Swan (Southwestern), Jordan Svetz (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). T–59.57.

Girls 800: Ava Danieu (East Aurora), Ava Crist (Maple Grove), Juliana Flick (Silver Creek), Ashlyn Collins (Olean), Anneke White (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). T–2:25.37.

Boys 800: Eddie Scroxton (Southwestern), Ronan McDonald (Randolph), Christian Riethmiller (Randolph), Chris Fuller (East Aurora), Derek Dean (Portville). T–1:59.92.

Girls 200: Jericha Petrella (Dunkirk), Samantha Gilbert (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Allison Stockwell (Jamestown), Cydney Amoroso (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Jackie Daley (Portville). T–26.60.

Boys 200: Rayven Sample (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Joell Colon (Fredonia), Ryan Jafarjian (Westfield), Brad Beemer (Portville), Jaiden McKoy (Jamestown). T–23.70.

Girls 3000: Megan Mclaughlin (East Aurora), Christina Peppy (Maple Grove), Karis Ertel (East Aurora), Kylee Odell (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Geneva Green (East Aurora). T–10:25.31.

Boys 3200: Collin Barmore (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Dagon Bryant (Southwestern), Joe Krenzer (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Roan Kelly (Randolph), Elias Quintero (Chautauqua Lake). T–10:33.30.

Girls 4×400 relay: East Aurora (Celia Cocca, Olivai Ranalli, Ava Danieu, Megan Mclaughlin), Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Silver Creek, Maple Grove, Olean. T–4:18.32.

Boys 4×400 relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Rayven Sample, Bryce Baglia, Austin Johns, Collin Barmore), Southwestern, Portville, Randolph, Maple Grove. T–3:32.52.

Girls shot put: Alyssa Steen (Maple Grove), Kylie Schnars (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Sophia Stalica (Silver Creek), Alina Beadle (Silver Creek), Madison Brooks (Southwestern). D–33-11¢.

Boys shot put: Cooper Pannes (Southwestern), Andrew Musacchio (Gowanda), Chandler Eggleston (Silver Creek), Skyler Wright (Randolph), Colton Phillips (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). D–47-1¢.

Girls long jump: Claire Pumford (Jamestown), Samantha Gilbert (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Kylee Odell (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Kayla Allen (Southwestern), Quinn Taylor (Southwestern). D–16-3.

Boys long jump: Carson Crist (Maple Grove), Colby Spiller (Olean), John Swabik (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Anton Graham (Chautauqua Lake), Takye Branch (Jamestown). D–19-0.

Girls high jump: McKayla Wolfe (Westfield), Marina Miketish (Olean), Bethany Miller (Portville) and Karianne Yuchnitz (Clymer/Sherman/Panama) tie, Kate Hillyard (East Aurora) and Kara Triscari (Jamestown) tie, and Bryn Mozzi (Maple Grove). H–5-0.

Boys high jump: Grant Moore (Jamestown), Carson Crist (Maple Grove), Jaden Kinnear (Southwestern), DeySeann Garey (Olean), Jovante Turner (Jamestown). T–6-2.

Girls triple jump: Samatha Gilbert (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Claire Pumford (Jamestown), Anna Buchanan (Fredonia), Madison Kehe (Jamestown), Kira Erickson (Chautauqua Lake). D–33-1¢.

Boys triple jump: Cameron Calimeri (Southwestern)I, Alex Wenke (Portville), Vance Alvarez (Southwestern), Bryan Anderson (Chautauqua Lake), Cameron Kalsman (Portville). D–39-10.

Girls pole vault: Rachael Ward (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Cassidy Allen (Southwestern), Tabitha Clark (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Logan Walczak (Chautauqua Lake), Emma Romanik (Silver Creek). H–11-6.

Boys pole vault: Darius Jones (Maple Grove), Chase Stevenson (Southwestern), Hessen Bahgat (Fredonia), Dominik Rodriguez (Gowanda), Lucas Sakala (Olean). H–12-0.

Girls discus: Gianna Hoose (Southwestern), Grace Lillie (Southwestern), Alyssa Steen (Maple Grove), Morgan Tracy (Jamestown), Tessa Mozzi (Maple Grove). D–107-1.

Boys discus: Cooper Pannes (Southwestern), Chandler Eggleston (Silver Creek), Skyler Wright (Randolph), Brice Lowe (Southwestern), Andrew Musacchio (Gowanda). D–139-2.

Maple Grove’s Darius Jones, middle, leads the way in the 110 hurdles. P-J photo by Alex Shipherd


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